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Daniel Crow

Daniel Crow

Associate Lecturer

School of Art, Design and Fashion

023 8201 6544 ext. 6544 Room no. BB226


After graduating from Solent University in 1999, an idea was conceived, and the motivation summoned to realise it. This idea, which started life as an artist led gallery, has grown to become an arts charity focused on engaging the public with new works of art created by emerging artistic talent.

As a founding member and current director of the ‘a space’ arts project, the experiences I have acquired by incrementally growing an arts business has now positioned me to co-deliver the professional development unit (PDU) for year 5 of the BA (Hons) Fine Art course here at Solent.

A-space's work has created an infrastructure of gallery spaces, affordable studios and professional development projects (listed below in industry experience), which combine to support artistic careers and inspire audiences. A lot has been achieved, and a lot more is to come.

The process of growing and running my own creative business has enabled me to develop a range of skills. Being able to celebrate success, cope with frustration, meet tight deadlines within busy environments and maintaining a passion for learning new skills are all qualities required when working in the arts.

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