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Kate Pike

Dr Kate Pike

Senior Research Fellow

Warsash School of Maritime Science and Engineering

023 8201 6187 ext. 6187 Room no. SMZ09


Kate's postgraduate education was gained at the universities of Portsmouth and Solent, with her PhD in the field of marine protection. She is an experienced maritime researcher in sustainability and shipping and is the project manager of the GEM project, which examines gender issues and seafarers' welfare in relation to multi-cultural crews. The research and data findings of the GEM Project will facilitate the development of appropriate tools to help support women within the industry. 

Kate previously worked for the Sustainable Shipping Initiative and the Hamble Harbour Master before joining Solent as a full-time senior research fellow, with some teaching commitments on the maritime courses.

Research interests

Kate's research interests include shipping and marine environment.

Shipping: Sustainability and shipping through industry engagement. Seafarers' welfare in relation to the impact of multicultural crews and gender issues. Shipping and the marine environment.

Marine environment: Concepts and application of marine protection through valuation and the establishment of marine protected areas; ocean’s biodiversity and the material and non material value of its ecosystem services. 

Taught courses

Further information

  1. Recent publications

    Kate's recent publications include a range of commissioned reports and peer reviewed papers around the maritime industry...

    Commissioned Reports

    Pike, K and E. Broadhurst, C. Austin and I. Rojon, May (2015). A Market Intelligence Report: 'The Impact of Crew Engagement and Organizational Culture on Maritime Safety in the Workboats and OSV Sectors'. Prepared for Helm Operations.

    Pike, K. and J. Millican, 2013. 'Profiling Top Marine Executives: Report for Horton International'.

    Glegg, G., S. Fletcher, R. Jefferson, K. Pike, S. Rees and L. Rodwell (2012). 'Marine Ecosystem Service Valuation – A Proposal for Action'. A report for Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation. Centre for Marine and Coastal Policy Research (MarCoPol), Marine Institute, Plymouth University.

    The Forum for the Future/ The Sustainable Shipping Initiative (2010 – Sept 2013) A global sustainable shipping framework report.

    Pike, K., N. Butt, D. Johnson, N. Pryce-Roberts and N. Vigar, (2013). '15 Years of Shipping Accidents'. A report for the World Wildlife Fund for Nature - International (WWF). Available from:

    Wright P., K. Pike, and B. Wink (2011). 'Stakeholder perceptions of the intangible benefits of Chichester Harbour Area of Outstanding Beauty: An investigation using Q methodology'. Consultancy Report for Chichester Harbour Authority.

    Pike K., D. Johnson, N. Butt and S. Walmsley (2011).'Global sustainable shipping initiatives: Audit and overview'. A report submitted to WWF

    Peer Reviewed Papers

    Glegg, G, K. Pike, S. Fletcher, R. Jefferson and S. Rees, (2015). 'Current perspectives on the role of ecosystem services valuation in marine biodiversity conservation'. Marine Policy.

    Pike, K., P. Wright, S. Fletcher and B. Wink (2014). 'Comparing intangible values and services of marine protected areas in the UK and Canada, using Q methodology'. Accepted for publication in the Journal of Coastal Conservation: Planning and Management: Special Edition.

    Pike, K. and P. Wright (2013). 'Protection through valuation: Using Q methodology to explore the intangible benefits of a UK MPA'. Global Congress on ICM. EMECS 10 -MEDCOAST 2013. Joint conference 30 Oct - 03 Nov 2013. Marmaris / Turkey. pp. 319-330.

    Pike, K., D. Johnson, S. Fletcher, and P. Wright (2011). 'Seeking Spirituality: Respecting the Social Value of Coastal Recreational Resources in England and Wales'. Journal of Coastal Research: Special Issue 61 - Management of Recreational Resources: pp. 194 – 204. doi:

    Gallagher, A. and K. Pike (2011) 'Sustainable Management for Maritime Events and Festivals'. Journal of Coastal Research: Special Issue 61 - Management of Recreational Resources: pp. 158 – 165. doi:

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    Fletcher, S., J. Potts, K. Pike and C. Heeps (2009). 'Public awareness of marine environmental issues in the UK'. Marine Policy, 33:2, pp. 370 – 375.

    Fletcher, S and K. Pike (2007). 'Coastal management in the Solent: The stakeholder perspective'Marine Policy, Special Edition on the Solent. 31, pp. 638 - 644.