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Matthew Cheeseman

Dr Matthew Cheeseman

Senior Lecturer

School of Business, Law and Communications


Matthew has designed, delivered and co-ordinated high quality teaching to all levels of students through lectures, seminars and personal supervision. My modules are innovative and relate to my creative practice and my research interest in creative writing, creative methodology, neoliberalism and culture.

Taught courses

Further information

  1. Recent publications

    Find out more about Matthew Cheesman's recent publications. Publications can include articles in academic journals; book chapters or full books; creative projects; conference participation and multimedia works.

    Books in print

    Cheeseman, M. and Piette, A. (volume eds.) (2015), Route 57 Issue 11: The Feisty Font Review, London: NATCECT & AND Publishing, 234 pages.

    The University of Sheffield’s creative writing journal. Paid for from book sales.

    Cheeseman, M. (ed.) (2014), NO PICNIC: Explorations in art and research, London: NATCECT & AND Publishing, 108 pages.

    Matthew edited the book, an output from the interdisciplinary research project into artistic practice and academic research. There are two editions, one for the academic market and another for the art market. A supplement detailing responses to the book has also been printed.

    Books in press

    Cheeseman, M (editor) (2015), Atlantis, London: Spirit Duplicator.

    A publication bringing together 18 writers and 18 artists on the theme of Atlantis. Prof. Angie Hobbs has written the introduction, Cathy Shrank, Adam Piette, John Miller, Fabienne Collignon, Astrid Alben and Ágnes Lehóczky are featured writers, alongside many illustrators and artists. The book will be the first publication from a small press Matthew founded alongside the artist Paul Bareham, the illustrator Mat Pringle and the Swiss graphic design studio Go! Grafik.

    Chapters in print

    Cheeseman, M. (2015) ‘Who groks Spock? Emotion in the neoliberal market’ in Resist! Against a precarious future, edited by Ray Filar, London: Lawrence and Wishart, p. 134–141.

    Creative non-fiction essay commissioned by Radical Future (a series of political books published by Lawrence & Wishart).

    Cheeseman, M. (2014) 'Popular music and the breast' in Cultural Encyclopaedia of the Breast, edited by Smith, M., New York: Rowman & Littlefield, p. 174–176.

    Cheeseman, M. (2014), 'Introduction' in NO PICNIC: Explorations in art and research, edited by Cheeseman, M, London: NATCECT & AND Publishing, p. 12.

    Cheeseman, M. (2014), 'Note on art book publishing' in NO PICNIC: Explorations in art and research, edited by Cheeseman, M, London: NATCECT & AND Publishing, p. 18–20.

    Cheeseman, M. (2014), 'Field poem' in NO PICNIC: Explorations in art and research, edited by Cheeseman, M, London: NATCECT & AND Publishing, p. 48–53.

    Creative non-fiction essay. Also contributions passim throughout the book.

    Cheeseman, M. (2012) 'In the Dead of the Night' in Radical Futures 2, edited by Coatman, C. and Shrubsole, G., London: Lawrence and Wishart (in association with Soundings Journal).

    Creative non-fiction essay. There have been over 150,000 downloads of this book.

    Refereed journals in print - original articles

    Cheeseman, M. (2014) '360° Answers in (Re)Presenting the Archive,' edited by Faulkner, M., Regis, A., Rhatigan, E. and Williams, G., Archive Journal Issue 4: Publishing The Archive.

    Cheeseman, M. (2011) 'We will not disrupt your education' in Roundhouse Journal, No. 2, 'Reimagining the University', p. 10–11.

    Cheeseman, M. (2008) 'The impact of a 24 hour library on the student experience at the University of Sheffield' inAnthropopages, No. 7–8, Groupe de Recherches et d'Actions en Ethnologie et en Anthropologie, p. 125–137.

    Hammond, N., Cheeseman, M., Chantry, A. and Peng, A. (2015) ‘Visual methods, surviving cancer and sexuality: a reflection on negotiating ethical issues and developing academic/artistic partnerships’ in Journal of Families, Relationships and Societies, 4(3) p. 483–492.

    About writing comics for use by NHS patients recovering from cancer treatment.

    Refereed journals in print - reviews

    Cheeseman, M. (2015) 'Review of A Companion to Folklore' in Folk Life 53 (1), p. 72–81.

    Cheeseman, M. (2011) 'Review of Fight back! A reader on the winter of protest and Springtime: the new student rebellions' in Studies in Higher Education, Volume 36, Number 6, p. 737–740

    Cheeseman, M. (2008) 'Review of Haunted Halls: Ghostlore of American College Campuses by Elizabeth Tucker' in, Journal of Folklore Research Reviews, University of Indiana. 

    Refereed conference papers — in print/press

    Cheeseman, M. (2013) 'Using Creative Writing To Understand The Student Experience,' proceedings of the SRHE Annual Research Conference, Experiencing Higher Education: Global Trends and Transformations, Celtic Manor, Newport, Wales, UK, 11-13 December, 2013.

    Cheeseman, M. (2008) 'The impact of a 24-hour library on the student experience at the University of Sheffield,' proceedings of the SRHE Annual Research Conference, Valuing Higher Education, Adelphi Hotel, Liverpool, UK, 9-11 December, 2008.

    Non-refereed abstracts, reports & other publications - in print

    Cheeseman, M. (2015) Florian Roithmayr, the authority of other scientists, Brussels: MOTINTERNATIONAL and Sheffield: Site.

    Creative non-fiction essay in art book for Florian Roithmayr’s shows at MOTINTERNATIONAL and Site.

    Cheeseman, M. (2014) In Absence Of The Smoky God, Sheffield: Site.

    Creative non-fiction essay in art book for Matt Stokes' solo show at Site.

    Cheeseman, M., Hammond, N., Chantry, A. and Peng, A. (eds.) (2014) Phoenix Project: Surviving Cancer, Sheffield: NATCECT.

    Cheeseman, M. (2013) ‘Subverse Britannia II: The Knack’ on School of English blog. Available at:

    Cheeseman, M. (2013) ‘Student Costume’ on School of English blog. Available at:

    Cheeseman, M. (2013) 'Testing Ground' in Furnace Park, edited by Amanda Crawley Jackson, Sheffield: PlastiCities.

    —Creative non-fiction essay.

    Cheeseman, M. (2013) Noise And Dissonance: Tract Issue 2, published by Article and PlastiCities.

    —Creative non-fiction essay. Project produced with Nick Kilby.

    Cheeseman, M. (2012) Storying Sheffield 2012, blog post. Available at:

    Cheeseman, M. (2012) Sheffield Music City Armageddon, blog post to accompany exhibition and art project. Available at:

    —Creative non-fiction essay.

    Cheeseman, M. (2003) 'Introduction' in Rachel Heller—New Work, London: Angela Flowers Gallery.

    —Creative non-fiction essay in art book.

    Cheeseman, M. (2003) 'Introduction to John Gibbons' in The Post Industrial Landscape, Prague: Czech Museum of Fine Art.

    —Creative non-fiction essay in art book.

    Creative publications

    Note: some of my creative non-fiction is included in the research categories above.

    Bareham, P. (2014), The Pseudoscientist, edited by Cheeseman, M., Sheffield: Spirit Duplicator.

    Bareham, P. and Cheeseman, M. (2015), The British Esperantist, 7, Sheffield: Spirit Duplicator.

    (2015), The British Esperantist, 6, Sheffield: Spirit Duplicator.

    (2015), The British Esperantist, 5, Sheffield: Spirit Duplicator.

    (2015), The British Esperantist, 4, Sheffield: Spirit Duplicator.

    (2014), The British Esperantist, 3, Sheffield: Spirit Duplicator.

    (2014), The British Esperantist, 2, Sheffield: Spirit Duplicator.

    (2014), The British Esperantist, 1, Sheffield: Spirit Duplicator.

    The British Esperantist is a creative intervention into notions of the archive made alongside the artist Paul Bareham. This are informed by conceptions of post-Derridean hauntology and notions of popular modernism in the UK between 1950 and 1980.

    Cheeseman, M. (2013) 'The Heart, The Centre' in Route 57, Issue 9. Available at:

    Cheeseman, M. (2013) 'Five Pounds' in Wordwards, edited by Lehóczky, Á. and Piette, A., Sheffield: School of English.

    Cheeseman, M. (2008) 'Notes from the Alliteration Conference' in Route 57, Issue 4. Available at:

    Cheeseman, M. (2007) 'Everything on an envelope' in Route 57, Issue 2. Available at:


    Cheeseman, M. (dir.) (2014) Swaying for the Lens: The Haxey Hood, narrated by Fournier, L., edited by Lepiorz, J. 40 mins. Available at:

    —A film about folk football. Made in collaboration with Dr. Laurent Fournier, Université de Nantes.

    Cheeseman, M. (dir.) (2008) Night after night: costume and performance amongst Sheffield Students, 15 mins.

    —A film about students in Sheffield. Shown at the 9th SIEF Congress, University of Ulster.

    Cheeseman, M. (dir.) (2008) White T-Shirt, Black Marker: Mapping the Undergraduate Body, 15 mins.

    —A film about students in Sheffield. Shown at the Postgraduate Gender Research Network, University of Sheffield.

  2. Research interests

    Matthew has taken part in a range of research projects throughout his academic year, working in areas that include British culture, class; higher education, radical education, youth, protest, campus novels and student experience.

    Creative projects:

    Using and generating creative writing, music and visual arts to answer research questions or explore an area of research interest. Many of these projects (such as NO PICNIC and the Phoenix Project) involve artists to perform creative work collaboratively, some involve students, whilst some utilise my own creative writing practice to work on or explore research areas. An abiding question, and the subject of the book Matthew edited is what can artistic and creative practice bring to the methodology of funded research projects? How far should artists be involved in interdisciplinary research and at what stage of the research process? What is the nature of the knowledge produced? Some of his research outputs relate to higher education and the impact agenda, whilst others are more directed and relate to practical applications (such as the Phoenix Project which explores visual art within healthcare). In the last year Matthew has become more interested in fanzine production, small press and art writing. He has begun to research the relationship of writing to format, particularly print.

    British culture, class and notions of Britishness, Englishness & America in UK popular culture across the long twentieth century, but especially 1930s–1970s.

    Matthew is interested in the introduction of youth consumerism in Britain as seen in music, literature, and historicized comment. This is theoretically relevant to hauntology (the spectral turn, growth in media, the internet and archives and notions of the past and the future in art). Much of his work is engagement work with the Showroom cinema, and his engagement with musical culture in Sheffield and the UK has been developing his thinking on this area, which has begun to result in publications. Alongside the artist Paul Bareham Matthew has begun to publish a series of creative interventions into the hauntological archive, ‘The British Esperantist’. This has led to the formation of Spirit Duplicator, a small press specialising in illustrated books and pamphlets.

    Higher education, radical education, youth, protest, campus novels and student experience.

    Matthew has done much work via the Society for Research into Higher Education on a national level organising and commenting on the experience of higher education (HE) by students. He is particularly interested in capitalism, HE, protest and the role HEIs have in the widest definition of student experience: one that encompasses the night-time economy, the business of pleasure and student culture. Where and how in the university can resistance and critical thinking be fostered and political engagement encouraged? How can student experience be represented in texts? How can teaching and learning be made more relevant to student experience? Matthew is especially interested in lad culture and masculinity, youth and banter, chants and blason populaire and has published or presented in all these areas.

    Matthew has been instrumental in capturing a total of £110,000 funding.

  3. Awards

    Over the course of his career, Matthew has received a number of academic and professional awards. Follow the link below to find out more.

    Higher education qualifications

    2014-2015: Postgraduate Certificate in Learning and Teaching, University of Sheffield.

    2005-2010: PhD, University of Sheffield.

    2008-2009: MSc by Research in Health, University of Gloucestershire.

    1996-1999: BA (Hons) History, University of Cambridge.

    Professional body memberships

    2013: Committee Member, Folklore Society.

    2012: Steering Committee, British Conference for Undergraduate Research.

    2011: Convenor, Student Experience Network for the SRHE (Society for Research into Higher Education).

    2001: Member, Council for Academic Freedom and Academic Standards (CAFAS).