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Paul  Wright

Dr Paul Wright

Head of Environment and Geography

Warsash School of Maritime Science and Engineering

023 8201 3170 ext. 3170 Room no. RM307


After studying for a degree in environmental science at Lancaster University, Paul moved into research involving the early diagenetic and solid phase geochemistry of submarine canyon and deep sea sediments. On completing this PhD at Cardiff University, he moved to the National Oceanographic Centre at Southampton. This time his post-doctoral research centred on coastal waters, studying the impacts of hypernutrification in local estuaries.

Since 1997, Paul has taught aspects of both terrestrial and marine sciences at Southampton Solent University. His main teaching interests are in the collection, analysis and dissemination of environmental data. In particular, he designs learning experiences that knit together effective fieldwork with the interpretive tools of statistics and GIS, seeing these activities as part of a project life cycle rather than distinct skills taught in separate modules. He currently manages the environment and geography team at Solent and supervises a number of current PhD students. He has a wider interest in the learning and teaching agenda, and has taken responsibility for a range of academic enhancement projects as well as serving on a number of University level QA standing panels and committees. His research interests have seen him publish and speak on a wide range of environmental concerns; from the effective management of the Wadden Sea, particularly sensitive sea area, to the conceptions students hold around digital literacy and how these may impact upon their use of technology in the classroom. 

Paul originally hails from the Black Country, an area of the world that he is proud to call home. He is an avid Baggies fan (so prone to bouts of disappointment) and can be found playing cricket in the summer.

Recent publications

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