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Phil  Jones

Phil Jones

Senior Lecturer

Faculty of Business, Law and Digital Technologies

023 8201 2509 ext. 2509 Room no. SMX05


Phil has been an academic for over thirty years and has developed subject specialism in new areas, as and when course developments have arisen. Phil has facilitated the design and delivery of courses across all levels, from level 3 (HND Law and Foundation Year) to level 7 postgraduate (LLM and PhD supervisions).

His interests include both the nature of law – philosophically and practically – as well as the nature, scope and impact of educational practice. This covers aspects of teaching and learning, as well as assessment. Recent research publications have been a mix between law and education. Both, Phil feels, are worthwhile subjects.

As a senior lecturer, Phil is involved in the management and administration of courses, as well as providing direct supervision for students at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

Phil has also undertaken voluntary roles outside of university (School Governor, Charity Trustee and Magistrate) which have allowed him to place academic learning into practical contexts. He has also been able to extend his appreciation of educational requirements, and assess that life is a series of learning opportunities. As a person who has a catholic and broad interest in many areas and issues, Phil aims to inspire students to engage with subject areas and to discover interesting approaches to their own learning.

Taught courses

Further information

  1. Industry experience

    Phil has a range of industry experience including being the chair of School Governors’, external moderator for NCTJ, as well as a Sports law advisor to members of the IFMA...
    • External Moderator for NCTJ (Journalists Training Body)
    • Sports law adviser to members of IFMA (Football administration)
    • Education Law Adviser and Trainer – Crucible Education
    • Employment Law Adviser and Editor – Croner Publications Ltd
    • Magistrate – Wimbledon Magistrates’ Court  
    • Chair of Governors – Springhill School
    • Trustee and HR advisor – Choice Advocacy
  2. Teaching experience

    Phil has been a lecturer since 1985, and has taught on a range of undergraduate and postgraduate programmes..

    Phil has been a lecturer since 1985 and has developed and taught on several undergraduate and postgraduate programmes, including law and education, and have designed many courses and units.

    Prior to coming to Solent, Phil worked at University of Westminster, Middlesex University and Nottingham University.

    Phil has also acted as external examiner, moderator and validation panel member at several external universities.

  3. Research interests

    Phil's research interests include public legal service - legal aid and the development of (free) legal services provision and legal education – the development of professional standards in education and training.
  4. Recent publications

    Phil's recent publications are on aspects of sports law, students learning and assessment and the need for public legal services.

    Jones P., (2019) ‘Case Note: Cliff Richard v BBC’ (2019) Mountbatten Journal of Legal Studies (available online)

    Jones P., and Andoh B, (2018) ‘Challenging Academic Judgment and other university decisions’ (2018) Mountbatten Journal of Legal Studies (available online)

    Jones P., Andoh A, and Parsons S. (2018) ‘Defence of Property in Criminal Law and Tort’ (2018) Mountbatten Journal of Legal Studies, pp.65-78

    Jones P (et al), (2010) ‘Personal Injuries in Professional Football – Legal Aspects (UK)’ 2010, ISLR Issues 3&4, 60

    Jones P & Andoh, B (2008) ‘Student Self-Assessment in Law’ (2008) 42, 2 Law Teacher 200

    Jones P., (1997) ‘The Growing Need for Community Legal Education’ in Cooper & Trubek (eds) Educating for Justice: Social Values and Legal Education (1997) (Dartmouth Pubs)