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Steven Henderson

Professor Steven Henderson PhD

Head of Impact and Social Innovation

School of Business, Law and Communications

Room no. RM226


Steven trained as an economist at the University of Kent at Canterbury during the exciting monetarist versus Keynesian debates, but is now fully healed. He worked in banking for a period in the 1980s that came to an end on Black Monday 1987 - the financial crash to end all financial crashes. He then went on to the Consumers Association to write articles for Money Which? specialising in pensions. He has also taught in both further and higher education.

He came to Southampton Institute during the mid-1990s, teaching strategic management, critical thinking and research methods. He has published papers on chaos theory, strategic management of biotechnology, football clubs and leisure centres, knowledge management and learning organisation.

Steven has 12 PhD completions. He was awarded personal chair in Business Strategy, and gave the inaugural lecture 'Strategies for Hunting the Snark', published later in the International Journal of Change Management.

He is currently working on evaluation theory and practice in the realist tradition in the centre for Social Innovation and Impact.