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Tom Simons

Tom Simons


School of Sport, Health and Social Sciences

023 8201 6581 ext. 6581 Room no. RM109


Tom started his professional nursing career as a mature student, concentrating on his psychology and biology studies first, gaining the BSc in Psychology and Biology at Liverpool John Moores University.

His enthusiasm and concern for patients' wellbeing led him to further his curiosity in nursing, which followed a hunger for education and ended in a Diploma in Higher Education in Nursing awarded by the University of Central Lancashire.

Tom then practiced as a Critical Care Outreach Nurse Practitioner and an Emergency Nurse Practitioner for more years then he would like to admit in acute NHS hospital trusts. He also completed the PG Certificate in Advance Nurse Practice at the City University of London.

Besides all of the above, Tom is also qualified and well experienced in treating patients with minor illnesses and injuries.

Taught courses

Further information

  1. Industry experience

    Click the link below to read about Tom's past appointments within the NHS.

    Tom’s past appointments were:

    • Hampshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust - Emergency Nurse Practitioner 
    • Royal Liverpool and Broardgreen NHS Trust - Registered Nurse in emergency department and acute medical unit
    • St Helens and Knowsley NHS Trust - Registered Nurse in the emergency department
    • Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Trust – Charge Nurse and Critical Care Outreach Nurse Practitioner/ Rapid Response Team
    • Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Trust - Senior Case Manager - East of England trauma network, Emergency Nurse Practitioner 
    • University Hospitals Southampton NHS Foundation Trust - Emergency Nurse Practitioner
  2. Research interests

    Tom has a passion for acute and emergency care and believes the best way to improve patient outcome is through an appropriate education...

    Tom is also interested in health psychology and the impact of illness. In addition, he is interested and trained in minor illness and injuries with the impact on primary and secondary care.

  3. Teaching experience

    Tom has taught, designed and delivered many courses in the NHS Trusts he has worked in. Follow the below link to find out more.

    Tom taught, designed and delivered courses in the NHS Trusts he has worked in, such as:

    • Acute life-threatening events recognition and treatment
    • Ward acute care scenarios
    • Modified early warning scores
    • Assessment and management of the deteriorating patient 
    • Critical care module as part of the BSc in Acute Care at Anglia Ruskin University.

    Tom taught, assessed and mentored students in the Wessex Emergency Care Collaborative Emergency Nurse Practitioner course.

    From 2018, Tom has started studying for the Postgraduate Certificate in Learning and Teaching in Higher Education (PGCLTHE).