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Ani Ritchie

Senior Lecturer

Faculty of Creative Industries, Architecture and Engineering


Originally from Bristol, Ani studied for her first degree in sociology with English literature at University College Worcester and her MA in gender and media at Sussex University. Ani joined Solent University in 2003 and is now a senior lecturer and joint course leader for BA (Hons) Media, Culture and Production. She is also level 4 tutor so has particular responsibility for first years, which is a role she really enjoys. She has a lead role in managing work experience on the degree, and is passionate about supporting students to build positive profiles of real life experience to improve their chances in the graduate job market.

Ani's teaching interests span a range of areas in media studies, with a particular focus on textual analysis, cultural conflict, and the fields of gender and sexuality. Alongside core units at levels 4, 5 and 6 she also runs elective units on representing gender and sexuality in broadcast media and on global gender, which draw on her research interests in these fields. She also works on a number of the industry focused units in line with her role on work experience, and co-ordinates the live brief unit which oversees students matched with live client briefs and producing live (published) work. She leads on the production strands of audio and photography on the degree, and is very happy to be teaching in the studios as well as the classroom.

Ani works on a range of committees at Solent, including the equality forum of which she was a founding member. She leads the Stonewall task group and co-ordinates the LGBT staff network. She can frequently be found organising events for this such as the Bi Visibility Day, and is passionate about championing LGBT equality for both staff and students at Solent.

Ani is currently working on a collaborative project with students exploring LGBT student experiences. She is also organising an externally-facing event at the Solent Conference Centre which will bring together a range of industry and community experts to discuss trans-representation in broadcast media.

In her spare time (when there is any!) Ani enjoys playing with her daughter, walking in the New Forest and attempting improbable stretches in yoga. She enjoys film, is a world music fan, and a Radio 4 addict. She is also a compulsive reader and always up for new book recommendations. She knows nothing about sport, but despite this manages to survive in the media team!

Taught courses

Further information

Industry experience

Ani leads the live brief unit on media culture and production which involves her co-ordinating with industry experts and clients to support students to respond to live briefs. She has a range of media experiences including working on a feature film 'Hideous Kinky', (1998) and she has been interviewed for a variety of radio and press pieces related to her research.

Recent publications

Barker and Ritchie (2014) 'Hot bi babes and feminist families: Polyamorous women speak out'.

Psychology of Sexualities Review Vol 5 No 1 Summer 2014.

Ritchie, A. Harming or Healing? The Meanings of Wounding Amongst. (2008)

Sadomasochists who also Self-injure in Burr, V and Hearn, J. (Eds) Sex, Violence and the Body: The Erotics of Wounding Palgrave Macmillan.

Research interests

Ani's research has historically explored the constructions of cultural and sexual identity with a specific focus on non-heterosexual women in alternative relationship structures (such as polyamorous) and those involved with alternative sexual practices (particularly SM). She also works with representations of non-normative sexualities to explore the impact of these on identity construction (for example looking at how the film 'Secretary' (2002) was perceived by women who engaged in SM). She has published work in this area in several books and journals, including the international journal 'Sexualities'. More recently she has been focused on issues of lesbian motherhood. A related and increasingly important aspect of her teaching and research career has been invested in the inclusion of LGBT students in HE settings, and she has presented work at a number of conferences on these issues in recent years. She is happy to engage in media work on these and related issues.

Work in progress

Ani is currently working on a collaborative project with students exploring LGBT student experiences. She is also organising an externally facing event at the conference centre at Solent which will bring together a range of industry and community experts to discuss trans representation in broadcast media.