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Dr James TerKeurst PhD

Course Leader

Faculty of Business, Law and Digital Technologies


Born in Detroit, James spent his early years playing games in arcades.  He began developing interactive software after purchasing his first computer in 1981, and after getting his PhD at the University of Iowa began teaching game development in 1999.  Since then James has worked and taught in North America, Britain and Japan, and has done substantial game industry research around the world.  He joined Solent University as a senior lecturer in computer games in 2016.

Taught courses

Further information

Industry experience

James was Director of the Institute of Digital Innovation at Teesside University. The IDI worked across the Northeast to help digital entrepreneurs start their own companies.

Teaching experience

James has considerable teaching experience in almost all aspects of game development from coding to asset creation. His current teaching is focused around game design and game industry practice.

Research interests

As a technology generalist James likes working with experts to develop industry relevant solutions. His personal digital media research has focused on enabling solutions for digital content development and his research is typically funded by grants and facilitated by collaborative teams.

Recent publications

  • James TerKeurst, “Square Pegs and Round Holes – Games in the Liberal Arts,” The Computer Games Journal 3(2b)(Special Edition – What is Missing from Games), eds. M. Sutherland and J. Sutherland, (2014): 208-211.
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James won two Scottish Proof of Concept awards whilst working at Abertay University.

Work in progress

  • James TerKeurst, "Teaching Digital Skills: A New Media Case Study" (unpublished manuscript, September 18, 2016), Microsoft Word file.
  • James TerKeurst, "The World Inside: Culture on a Coffee-table" (unpublished manuscript, September 12, 2016), Microsoft Word file.