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Professor Suzanne Dixon

Prof, Director

Student Enterprise and Entrepreneurship

023 8201 3341 ext. 3341

Role at Solent

Suzanne is Director of Enterprise and Student Entrepreneurship, and leads a team committed to ensuring students are placed to get good graduate level jobs.

The team develop entrepreneurship amongst Solent students, offering enterprise education programmes and financial support to students wanting to start up their own businesses. The team work with students across the university offering employability and enterprise training, business mentors, placements with industry and, through the university’s own agency, Solent Creatives, the opportunity to work on paid-for assignments with regional, national and international businesses.

This award winning agency, set up by Suzanne in 2011, is unique in the university sector, as it allows students the opportunity to work on paid for creative assignments with businesses to develop a portfolio of work that gives them the edge on graduation. This work has attracted interest from around the world and Suzanne heads a project to develop enterprise initiatives at Chinese universities. She has showcased the agency at universities in Shanghai, Baoji, Chongqing, Wuhan, Shenzhen and Guangzhou in China. She has also been invited to present the project in Norway, Spain, India and Australia.

Solent Creatives was praised and described as an “Angel of Creativity” by the RSA and has won awards for its enterprise work with students.

Solent Press is a second enterprise initiative set up by Suzanne, a publishing house that offers students journalistic and editorial opportunities with well known publishers, such as Haymarket and Archant Media.  Students work on commercial magazines and develop and launch their own titles.

Suzanne sits on the university’s Academic Board, Research and Innovation Committee and the Academic Planning and Recruitment Committee.


Before becoming director of enterprise and student entrepreneurship, Suzanne was director of the School of Communications and Marketing, for eight years. She led the school, which offers courses in journalism, advertising, marketing, public relations and English. Her team and students have won national and international awards for their research and creative work.

An area of expertise is enterprise and in 2012, Suzanne was awarded the title of Professor of Creative Enterprise for her work with Solent Creatives. Now, Suzanne leads enterprise for the university, ensuring the academic portfolio includes innovative employability and enterprise activity within the curriculum.

Formerly a journalist, Suzanne has written extensively for national newspapers and feature publications in the UK and abroad during her career. She has an MA Media and is undertaking an EdD in Creative Media Education.

Past research centres on the difference creative interventions can have on business growth, particularly in the local region. The 5plus5 project examines this and has been published and presented at conferences.

Suzanne has been asked to work with universities in China to help them develop enterprise education, and is working with institutions in the Far East. Current research is an investigation into how enterprise skills are taught in Europe and how this approach might translate for Chinese students.  She has led a Solent Creatives enterprise school, where colleagues from across China attended Southampton Solent University to learn these skills. Her PhD is centred on this work in creative media education.


MA Media.

Committee membership

  • Research and Innovation Committee.
  • Student Experience Committee
  • Academic Planning and Recruitment Committee.
  • Management Board.
  • Senior Management Team.

External bodies

  • Fellow, Leadership Foundation.
  • Aurora Mentor, Leadership Foundation.
  • HEA Fellow.
  • Member Southampton Communications Group.
  • Creative Network South.
  • Enterprise Educators Group in Higher Education.