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Acoustics courses

Dolby Atmos in the cinema
Dolby Atmos
Solent's Dolby DSS200 digital cinema features a DCi compliant Barco 2K digital projector, able to fill the 8m matt-white screen with the latest films. The sound system is comprised of the latest format from Dolby: Atmos. Atmos is an object-based audio system allowing for a more immersive sound experience for film, due to added speakers and improved technology.
Hemi anechoic chamber
Hemi-anechoic chamber
Our IAC Acoustics hemi-anechoic chamber is at the heart of our acoustics laboratory, allowing students and researchers to carry out acoustic testing in an environment with exceptionally low background noise, and with free-field conditions down to 100Hz.
Steelworks at Finsbury Park
Vital work experience
You will also have the opportunity to attend events and conferences such as IoA Southern Region meetings, Acoustics in the Built Environment, PLASA and Reproduced Sound. A small team attended Steelyard at Finsbury Park with Vanguardia acoustic consultancy to help with noise monitoring at the event.
Rob Harris
Special guest speakers
Renowned acoustic designer Rob Harris visited Solent to discuss ‘Developments in Auditorium Acoustic Design’. Rob has over 35 years’ experience and shared some of his experiences from designing performing arts facilities around the world.
noise testing equipment
Specialist equipment
We have a large selection of specialist acoustic and vibration equipment, both for use in the lab and out in the field. This means you'll get hands-on experience with the diverse range of activities that make up the field of acoustics.