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Southampton Solent Business School is hosting this year’s European Summer University in Entrepreneurship Conference and Doctoral Programme - ESU 2015.

Aimed at PhD students and early stage researchers in entrepreneurship, the event offers a unique opportunity for young scholars to meet other PhD students and researchers. They can present their own ideas, review other students’ papers and create their own networks.

Sharing knowledge in entrepreneurship research and education

Professor David Watkins, one of the organisers says: "The main idea of the ESU is for people with similar views and interests, and a strong desire to share their knowledge and experiences in both entrepreneurship research and entrepreneurship education, to come together.

"It represents an academic community in practice that encourages and values democratic dialogue between PhD students, researchers and professors."

Dr Whysnianti Basuki, Senior Lecturer in Business, adds: "Each year the ESU takes place somewhere in Europe and we are delighted that this year, not only will it be in the United Kingdom but actually here in Southampton.

"We are proud of our university and our city and will be delighted to showcase both to new visitors to the area."

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