Pre-Sessional English Language

7/12 Weeks

About this course

Our pre-sessional English programme is designed to help students from around the world, improve their academic and English language skills in preparation for undergraduate and postgraduate studies at Solent University. This is an intensive course in which you will attend live teaching sessions with your class in addition to smaller group workshops and individual tutorials with your tutors.

There are three main aims of the Solent Pre-sessional English programme:

  • to develop your academic English skills so that you are confident in your use of English language at university level
  • to develop your academic study skills so that you can perform successfully in your degree
  • to help you develop as an autonomous learner so that you are able to do independent study and research while on your academic programme.

During this intensive programme, you will develop the skills you need to be successful on your future undergraduate or postgraduate degree course at Solent. While you will certainly work on the accuracy of your use of English language, one of the other aspects of the course is to develop your academic skills so that you are ready for the challenges of studying in a UK university environment. In addition to the development of academic skills, you will also explore some topical and interesting aspects of life in the United Kingdom.

There are two entry points to the Pre-sessional English Programme, depending on your English language level and the language entry requirements for your degree course at Solent. The course duration is either 7 weeks or 12 weeks.

A high level of student participation is expected and you will find most sessions to be very interactive. You will be encouraged to develop your analytical and critical thinking skills, and in particular your independent learning skills, while also reflecting on your own development as a language learner.

Why choose this course?

This course not only helps students improve their language and academic skills but also develops skills which can be applied in the workplace, such as analytical skills and teamwork.

Together with the international students who join us from different countries and cultures across the world, we create a lively and friendly atmosphere.

What will I learn?

Academic Reading
Sessions will include the development of effective reading techniques such as skimming, scanning and extensive reading, strategies for dealing with unknown language, and predicting content. Students will also improve their research skills by evaluating sources and learning how to use these effectively in their writing.

Academic Writing
These sessions will include: planning and structuring essays; organising and writing paragraphs; paraphrasing and summarising; referencing and using sources in your writing. Grammatical structures, and academic vocabulary, which are common in academic writing will be reviewed in depth to support your writing.

Academic Listening
These sessions will involve listening to a variety of text formats (including podcasts, lectures and TED talks) and applying listening skills such as prediction, listening for overall meaning, listening for specific information, note-taking and summarising.

Academic Speaking
These sessions will involve the preparation of and participation in a variety of oral communication tasks including seminar discussions, debates and presentations. This module also aims to enhance your accuracy and fluency in spoken English.

Extended Essay
This essay is designed to bring context to the other elements of the programme and to support and supplement your language and academic skills in conjunction with the reading, writing, speaking and listening components.

You will work on a researched essay which will have an academic focus and be related to your future field of study. This component of the programme will help develop the research skills needed to successfully plan, research, draft and write an Extended Essay and further develop skills required for academic study. You will be able to develop your essay through individual tutorials and group work.

Personal Tutorial
In these 1-to-1 sessions you will have the opportunity to meet with your tutor individually to discuss your progress and ask any questions about your own development as a learner.

What does this course lead to?

On successful completion of the Pre-Sessional English Programme, you will be able to progress to your chosen undergraduate or postgraduate degree course, provided that you have demonstrated the required language level. 

How you'll learn and be assessed

You will learn by:

  • Directed Learning
  • Collaborative Learning
  • Guided Learning

You may be assessed by a combination of:

  • Essays
  • Group work
  • Group presentations
  • Individual presentations

Solent’s curriculum framework builds on our unique, creative and applied approach to teaching. The transformation of students’ lives is at the heart of our mission as a university, and our curriculum – informed by the latest theory – reflects this shared educational vision.

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Tuition fees

The fees for the 2022 academic year are:

12 week course (starting 13 June - 2 September 2022): £3,600
7 week course (starting 18 July - 2 September 2022): £2,100

Fees for both courses include tuition, books and test fees.

For further information, please visit our tuition fees page.

Bursaries, scholarships and financial support

Solent University offers a range of bursaries and scholarships that provide financial assistance or waive fees for tuition or accommodation. Each bursary or scholarship has specific eligibility criteria. Check out our bursaries and scholarships pages to find out more.

Key entry requirements

Academic requirements

The requirements for your chosen target course.

English language requirements

12-week course

Up to 1 IELTS (or equivalent) below requirement for each component of course

7-week course

Up to 0.5 IELTS (or equivalent) below requirement for each component of course

For further information about UK, EU and international qualifications, please refer to our course entry requirement statement.

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