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Which tuition fee you pay depends on your personal circumstances and whether you are a full-time or part-time student. Below, you'll find tuition fee information for home students (living in the UK), EU students and overseas students (outside of Europe).

Home and EU students

Home students (living in the UK) and EU students pay a set amount of fees depending on what level they are studying.

If you are an EU student applying for a course at Solent in autumn 2018, you will be able to benefit from the current system of loans, and the current level of fees, throughout the duration of your course, even if the UK exits the European Union during that period. For more information, see our news article.  

For the fees for each course, please see the relevant course page, which you can find here:

Solent's courses

For more information, please see the relevant course page or contact

Tuition fees for overseas (non-EU) students

Students who are living outside of the EU are known as overseas students for fee purposes. How much overseas students pay depends on what level they are studying.

Pathway programme fees for the 2019/20 academic year are detailed on the Solent University Pathway page.

For the fees for each course, please see the relevant course page, which you can find here:

Solent's courses

Under the UK's points-based immigration system, universities sponsoring students must be sure that students have sufficient funds to meet the cost of their course fees and living expenses (as well as those of any accompanying family members) without working and without claiming state benefit.

Non-EEA applicants will be asked to pay a deposit of £3000 on acceptance of an unconditional offer and prior to receiving a CAS or the full fee if the total fee is less than £3000. This sum will be refundable only if an applicant is unable to secure the relevant UK visa and evidence of the refusal has been provided to the University. The outstanding tuition fees must be paid by dates as prescribed.

Additionally non-EEA students are required to pay a minimum of 50% of their tuition fees and enter into a payment plan for the remainder of their tuition fees prior to enrolment. The total amount due for 2018-2019 is advised in your offer letter. In the event of a non EEA student leaving before the scheduled Winter break this sum is not refundable. For non-EEA students withdrawing in any subsequent period the full annual tuition fee is retained by the University.

Other payment conditions are the same as those for other students.

How Solent decides on course fees and changes

Tuition fees are set annually based on the associated costs in relation to the delivery of your course, and take into consideration any Government restrictions or requirements. The fee, once published, will be set for that year of entry, but may increase annually in line with the national inflation rates and subject to Government policy on higher education. Any change will be applied to both new and continuing students, as appropriate.

Fees payable to external bodies are not set by the University and, as such, are beyond our control, resulting in any changes being passed to the student. Students will be notified of any changes as soon as possible.

For the current fee details, please contact

Funding advice

Please visit our finance and paying your fees page for information on paying your fees and available funding.

For students to be eligible for funding from Student Finance England, they must be studying on a course at a provider registered with the Office for Students (OfS). Solent University has been registered by Ofs in the register of English higher education providers. For more information please visit:

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