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We want the Solent University website to be accessible and easy to use for as many people as possible. Special care has been taken to cater for visitors with physical impairments that make it harder to browse the web.

The University is working to improve this site's accessibility on an ongoing basis. If you are still having trouble using the site or would like to suggest improvements, please contact

Accessibility standards

Solent University strive to meet the W3C Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0. You can learn more about this standard by visiting the W3C website.

Changing text size

Most browsers allow you to change the size of text on a page by pressing either Ctrl and '+' (plus) to zoom in or Ctrl and '-' (minus) to zoom out. Pressing Ctrl and '0' will return the page to its default size.

For more detailed and browser specific information, please visit the BBC's accessibility pages.

High contrast browsing

High contrast extensions are available on most modern browsers. Browsing in high contrast mode can help those with visual impairments to explore the web more easily. The official high contrast extension for Chrome is a good place to start if you are experimenting with high contrast browsing for the first time. 

For more advice or information, please contact

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