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University grants

Solent University is committed to encouraging students from all backgrounds to enter higher education and offers a number of non-repayable grants to support disadvantaged students in their studies.

Support grant

The support grant is a non-repayable grant for students who are in financial hardship while at university.

The fund is available for students who:

  • are enrolled on a course at Solent University,
  • are in receipt of their full student funding,
  • are a full-time UK undergraduate or postgraduate student,
  • are a part-time UK undergraduate or postgraduate student - studying at least 50% of a full-time course (25% for disabled students),
  • are from the EU and are in receipt of full UK funding.

It can help with living costs, childcare, travel, accommodation, household expenses, books and course equipment, but it cannot help pay for tuition fees.

Unfortunately, it cannot fully compensate for the lack of parental contribution, especially where a student has only been able to take out the non-means-tested part of the maintenance loan. It may also not be able to help those who have mismanaged their finances. For students in this situation we can advise where to get money management advice.

Funds are available from October to June or until the funds are exhausted, whichever is the soonest.

If you are currently a student at our university, application forms and full guidelines are available on the student portal.

If you are unhappy with the result of your support grant application you can appeal the decision.

Summer support grant

The summer support grant opens during the summer break each year, if funds are still available. Eligibility criteria remains the same as for the support grant.

If you cannot work over the summer break because of any of the following, you may apply to the summer support grant:

  • care responsibilities or dependants,
  • a disability/medical circumstances,
  • course retakes/resits which temporarily restrict working,
  • genuine reasons beyond your control eg, sudden illness, unforeseen circumstances.

Please note, the summer support grant cannot cover all your expenses over the summer period and should not be expected to. You must seek alternative funding eg, paid employment or benefits (if eligible).

If you are a lone parent, you may be eligible to apply for Universal Credit (depending on where you live) or full housing benefit, Income Support or Jobseekers' Allowance during July and August. These should stop in September, so you will need to reapply for your housing benefit/Universal Credit for term time.

For further details and an application form please go to our portal page.

Course costs support grant

The course costs support grant is available to support students who have compulsory course costs (not general costs such as books, stationery etc - the support grant can look at these costs separately), or final major project costs. For example:

  • Course specific equipment eg, make-up/hair kits, photography equipment, specialist software, compulsory uniforms/sports kits.
  • Compulsory course trips eg, gallery, theatre and field trips within the UK and EU
  • Professional memberships/body endorsements and related exam fees (eg, NCTJ / REPs).
  • £200 contribution for DSA equipment
  • Final projects

Find out more on the student portal

Unpaid placement support grant

The unpaid placement support grant is means-tested and available to support students who have been offered a short-term unpaid placement.

Placements must last a minimum of 10 working days (or 100 hours) and a maximum of 20 working days.

If it is slightly longer than this (not a full year placement) students may still apply but only the maximum of 20 working days will be considered.

The fund is limited and not all applications can be successful.

Find out more on the student portal