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Week 42

24 June 2024

UCAS Extra closes soon!

Still not familiar with UCAS Extra? Still need to make a choice? We can help with that by refreshing your memory on all the options open to you.

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  1. Week 1

    One year. 52 weeks. Let’s go

    Over the next year we will be releasing weekly challenges to get you thinking about your future. 52 weeks to university. 52 things to do. Get started today.
  2. Week 2

    Choosing a career: Let’s talk lifestyle

    Choosing a career based on your skills and interests is a great way to go, but there's something else to consider: what kind of life do you want to lead?
  3. Week 3

    Is university right for you?

    It's time to start thinking about your next steps and decide what to do after school or college. Find out if university is the best way to get ahead in your dream career.
  4. Week 4

    What are the different types of degree?

    It's easy to get overwhelmed by the huge variety of degrees on offer. Find out about the different types of degree before making a decision on what to study.
  5. Week 5

    Make a statement with your personal statement

    Describing yourself might seem like a bit of a challenge, but fear not, we've got the ultimate guide to help you land a spot on that dream course you're absolutely buzzing about!
  6. Week 6

    Registering with UCAS

    UCAS is the system you use to apply for an undergraduate degree. Registering can be a bit of a pain, but this short guide will help you to navigate the jargon.
  7. Week 7

    11 ways to get the most out of an open day

    Not quite sure which course to do? Or at which uni? Going to a university open day could really help you to make that all important decision.
  8. Week 8

    Week 8: Choosing the right course

    Read our top tips for choosing the right degree. Find out what questions to ask, who to ask them to, and what to look out for while doing your research.
  9. Week 9

    Professional accreditations

    What does it mean when a course is 'professionally accredited'? We shed some light on this and talk about how it could benefit your career.
  10. Week 10

    How will I pay for uni?

    Fees, finance and funding. It might sound daunting, but there's plenty of help and support out there. Read our guide to find out more.
  11. Week 11

    5 ways to de-stress

    We know your last year at college can feel like a whirlwind. Read our guide for some tips to help you get calm and stay motivated.
  12. Week 12

    Personal statements - part two

    If you're still writing your personal statement, here's a recap of the best online resources to help guide you through.
  13. Week 13

    UCAS key dates

    We highlight the key dates you need to keep an eye out for after you've submitted your university application through UCAS. Download our handy guide.
  14. Week 14

    Portfolios and interviews

    Some courses ask you to submit a portfolio or attend an interview. Read our guide to find out how to prepare and what to expect.
  15. Week 15

    The 12 ways for a sustainable Christmas

    On the first day of Christmas, my true love gave to me... a sustainable Christmas! Find out more in this week's festive 52 Things
  16. Week 16

    It's Christmas!

    Relax, it's Christmas! We've selected some classic Christmas tunes to get you in a festive mood. Kick back, grab a mince pie and have a listen. Or if revision is more your thing, we've got some festive tips for you!
  17. Week 17

    Happy new year!

    It's almost time to go back to school or college after the Christmas break. This week, we talk about new year's resolutions and share advice on how to start the year as you mean to go on.
  18. Week 18

    Don't miss the UCAS deadline

    The deadline for UCAS applications is 31 January. We recap everything we've covered so far, and also what to do if you don't think you'll make the deadline.
  19. Week 19

    What happens after the UCAS deadline?

    Want to know what happens next after submitting your application? Still want to apply, but think you might miss the deadline? Read our guide to find out.
  20. Week 20

    Choosing student accommodation

    It's time to start thinking about where you're going to live while at uni. Halls, house share, or living at home - our guide explains all the options available to you.
  21. Week 21

    There's no place like home

    So, you've decided where you want to live. Now it's time to make it your own. Read our guide on how to furnish your room on a student budget.
  22. Week 22

    National Apprenticeship Week

    This week we're talking National Apprenticeship Week! Here we'll answer all your questions about what apprenticeships are, how to apply, what you can do, and more!
  23. Week 23

    Don't be a stranger

    It's easy to get caught up in student life. In the spirit of St Valentine, we share advice on maintaining relationships with family and friends from home.
  24. Week 24

    Applying for student finance

    Applying for student finance can feel overwhelming. Our guide will help you understand what you need to do and when. It's not as difficult as you may think!
  25. Week 25

    UCAS Extra opens

    If you've used all five of your choices, had no offers or want to change your choice, don't worry. UCAS Extra can fix that for you.
  26. Week 26

    British Pie Week

    Are you in the 75% of the British population who enjoy a pie at least once a month? If so, read on - our tasty pie recipes will definitely whet your appetite and impress your friends.
  27. Week 27

    British Science Week

    For British Science Week, see how universities aren't just places of education. They help shape our world by driving innovation and invention - often with cool results!
  28. Week 28

    Student hacks

    University isn’t just about the lectures. Get the tips and tricks you’ll need to make life as a student easier with our top student hacks.
  29. Week 29

    Have you applied for your accommodation yet?

    It's around this time that most universities open up applications for accommodation. Make sure you don't miss out!
  30. Week 30

    Responding to your offers

    Receiving your offers is the easy part. But you're about to make a huge decision... Don't worry, we're on hand to help!
  31. Week 31

    Earn while you learn

    Never mind working nine to five, let's have a look at working alongside your studies.
  32. Week 32

    Student finance - making the most of your cash

    It's no secret students live on limited funds. From bank accounts to budgeting, read our guide for tips on managing your moolah.
  33. Week 33

    Students' unions: an A-Z

    From A to Z, we're giving you everything you need to know about students' unions.
  34. Week 34

    Get prepared for your exams

    Whether you’re nervous or confident about your upcoming exams, our guide will help you prepare with revision tips and advice to help you on your way!
  35. Week 35

    Compete in the university sport event of the year

    3, 2, 1, go! Varsity is a sporting competition held between two universities with the winners taking home the coveted trophy and bragging rights.
  36. Week 36

    Mental Health Awareness Week

    University is an amazing experience, but it can be daunting. Get the tips you need to make sure your mental health doesn't struggle.
  37. Week 37

    Student finance applications close

    Money, money, money! While it's not the end of the world if you miss the deadline, you'll want to make sure you receive your loan on time
  38. Week 38

    Discounts, discounts, discounts

    Money may be tight at times, but there are plenty of student discounts out there. Do you know all the ways you can make the most of them?
  39. Week 39

    Volunteers' Week

    Have you ever thought about volunteering? Take a look at our guide to volunteering and find out the benefits for you and the local community.
  40. Week 40

    Celebrate the summer

    At the end of the summer, your new adventure begins. Until then, read our tips on planning the best send off with your friends.
  41. Week 41

    Taking your studies international

    Did you know that for many courses at lots of universities, you can study abroad for a while? Our guide shows you the types of opportunities you can look for.
  42. Week 42

    UCAS Extra closes soon!

    Still not familiar with UCAS Extra? Still need to make a choice? We can help with that by refreshing your memory on all the options open to you.
  43. Week 43

    The ultimate Clearing guide - part one

    Clearing opens this week, so we're bringing you the ultimate guide to Clearing. In two parts! Here's part one, discussing your options, funding, and more.
  44. Week 44

    The ultimate Clearing guide - part two

    You've read part one of our ultimate Clearing guide, so here's part two! This week has student stories, FAQs and a summary of the whole process.
  45. Week 45

    Studying at uni compared to college

    Why does everyone say studying at university is so different to college? Find out in our comparison.
  46. Week 46

    15 things to pack for university

    This is the essential list of just 15 things you should take with you to uni. Time to get packing!
  47. Week 47

    Kickstart your uni social life

    If you're starting uni in a new city with new surroundings and new faces, our guide will help you overcome the obstacle of getting to know people and making new friends.
  48. Week 48

    Get ready for results day

    It's perfectly normal to feel nervous about your exam results. We figured we'd help you out by letting you know what you'll need to do on results day!
  49. Week 49

    It's results day!

    This week is super important, you're getting your A-Level or BTEC results! Whether you've had good news or bad, check out our advice on what to do next.
  50. Week 50

    Get social

    We'll help you get ahead of the game with tips on using social media to connect with your new classmates or neighbours in halls before you even start uni.
  51. Week 51

    Clubs and societies

    Do you play any sports? Do you have a hobby? Even if the answer to both of these is no, there are so many benefits to joining a club or society at uni.
  52. Week 52

    You did it!!

    Congratulations! You've completed all 52 Things To Do. Lets get ready for Freshers 2024!

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