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Things To Do

Thinking about starting University? Over the next year we'll be releasing weekly activities, challenges and guides to help you get ready for your first term. Picking a course, securing finance, making your application and moving in - we've got it all covered. Stop by each week to keep up-to-date with the latest.

Week 33

23 April 2018

Students' unions: an A-Z

If you haven't already heard of the Students' Union, you will soon! We'll find out what they do and how they work.

Coming soon

Week 34: Discounts, discounts, discounts

Money may be tight at times, but there are plenty of student discounts out there. Do you know all the ways you can make the most of them?

30 April 2018

Coming soon

Week 35: Mental Health Awareness Week

University is an amazing experience, but it can be daunting. Get the tips you need to make sure your mental health doesn't struggle.

7 May 2018

Coming soon

Week 36: Student finance applications close

Money, money, money! While it's not the end of the world if you miss the deadline, you'll want to make sure you receive your loan on time.

14 May 2018

Coming soon

Week 37: Compete in the university sport event of the year

3, 2, 1, go! Varsity is a sporting competition held between two universities with the winners taking home the coveted trophy and bragging rights.

21 May 2018

Coming soon

Week 38: Get prepared for your exams

Whether you’re nervous or confident about your upcoming exams, our guide will help you prepare with revision tips and advice from current students.

28 May 2018

Coming soon

Week 39: Volunteers' Week

Have you ever thought about volunteering? Take a look at our guide to volunteering and find out the benefits for you and the local community.

4 June 2018

Coming soon

Week 40: Celebrate the summer

At the end of the summer, your new adventure begins. Until then, read our tips on planning the best send off with your friends.

11 June 2018

Coming soon

Week 41: Taking your studies international

Did you know that for many courses at lots of universities, you can study abroad for a while? Our guide shows you the types of opportunities you can look for.

18 june 2018

Coming soon

Week 42: UCAS Extra closes

Still not familiar with UCAS Extra? Read our overview of what it is and find out how UCAS Extra could help you.

25 June 2018

Coming soon

Week 43: Clearing is now open!

Welcome to the first day of Clearing. We're here to help guide you through what it is and what you need to do.

2 July 2018

Coming soon

Week 44: More on Clearing

Clearing may have opened last week but because it's so important, we're covering it for two whole weeks!

9 July 2018

Coming soon

Week 45: Studying at uni compared to college

Why does everyone say studying at university is so different to college? Find out in our comparison.

16 July 2018

Coming soon

Week 46: Getting ready to move out

Moving out can seem pretty scary. But don't worry, we're here with some tips to help you make a smooth move.

23 July 2018

Coming soon

Week 47: Kickstart your uni social life

If you're starting uni in a new city with new surroundings and new faces, our guide will help you overcome the obstacle of getting to know people and making new friends.

30 July 2018

Coming soon

Week 48: Feeling anxious about your results?

It's perfectly normal to feel nervous about your exam results. Luckily, Solent Health have put together some information on how to deal with this.

6 August 2018

Coming soon

Week 49: It's results day!

Today's the big day, and you've got your A-Level results. Whether you've had good news or bad, check out our advice on what to do next.

13 AUGUST 2018

Coming soon

Week 50: Get social

We'll help you get ahead of the game with tips on using social media to connect with your new classmates or neighbours in halls before you even start uni.

20 AUGUST 2018

Coming soon

Week 51: Clubs and societies

Do you play a sport or have a hobby? Even if the answer to both of these is no, there are so many benefits to joining a club or society.

27 AUGUST 2018

Coming soon

Week 52: You did it!

Congratulations! You've completed all 52 Things To Do. Lets get ready for Freshers 2018.

3 September 2018

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