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We all have different thoughts, understandings and emotions around war but how does religion influence this? 

In the past history and in the present, religion and war are often connected. Through expressing and listening to different religious perspectives on war, this session will light a way for their conflict resolutions which do not involve violence or war.

Join us in hearing about the different religious perspectives of war with guest speakers from the local community including:

  • Julian Davies, who will provide a Christian perspective 
  • Osama Khan, who will provide an Islamic perspective 
  • Priti Dave, who will provide a Hindu perspective
  • David Vane, who will provide a Buddhist perspective.

This event is run as part of Interfaith Week (13 - 20 November), which aims to enhance our knowledge and understanding of different faiths to break prejudices and build peace. 

Places are limited, so please book  in advance.

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