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Southampton Solent University is pleased to present a collaborative show featuring the works of local, promising second year fine art students.

The installation is situated in Southampton’s Guildhall Square, just outside the new John Hansard Gallery, Showcase Gallery and around the corner from Southampton Art Gallery. Its aim is to be immersive, engaging and diverse, bringing art to the centre of the city. The exhibition will utilise shipping containers, which are such an important part of Southampton’s trade and sea links, taking something so industrial and bringing a sense of creativity into it.

Fifteen artists will feature in the show: Allison Farley, Annabel Avison, Annabelle Thomas, Ashleigh Turner, Caitlin Dawber, Effy Jones, Ellie Trowbridge, Gwen Datyner, Hannah Trewren, Jasmine Wyeth, Laura Challis, Lucy Marshall, Maria Jenssen and Melanie Ffitch-Mitchell, producing varied works including painting, sculpture, photography and video. The combination of different mediums, ranging from sugar, to glass, to vinyl prints, and traditional painting, creates an eclectic mixture of styles and outcomes to draw in an extensive audience.

Work by (L-R): Caitlin Dawber, Hannah Trewren and Laura Challis

With a wide range of practices and techniques, the objective is to create a memorable event that will be entertaining, interactive, distinctive and thought-provoking. The container exhibition is in this prime location to expose the students' work to the public, and any possible clients, as well as to showcase the unique and broad skill sets of Solent University artists in the first show combining these fifteen different talents. 

The exhibition runs from Saturday 14 April to Wednesday 18 April (12-6pm) - a number of the exhibiting artists will be present on all of days throughout the show, creating a prime opportunity for one-to-one conversations about the pieces directly with the makers.

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