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As part of Fashion as Community Week, resource goddess Cat Fletcher will demonstrate how to rethink our relationship with stuff, which will be shown in practice through a series of initiatives that she has been involved with. She will also highlight the waste issues at festivals and fashion, changing your perception of how to turn waste into a resource.

Cat Fletcher is the pioneer of building a community by encouraging people to share for free what they no longer need; she is a founder and Head of Media for UK’s reuse network Freegle, which now has over 2.6 million members.

She gained national recognition when she sourced the materials for the University of Brighton’s award-winning Waste House, a two storey building constructed almost entirely of repurposed waste materials. She is the only Reuse Manager for a UK local authority and is currently setting up a creative city reuse depot to enable more and better waste-prevention in the city and to trigger resourceful innovative cross-sector projects.


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