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Join Dr Diogo Miranda and the DETech research group to discuss what technology (actually) does for education. We want to help to address not only this question, but some related issues as well.

Education is changing in shape, but not in content. This stems from the concept of learning, considering the axis technology of the development of more efficient teaching and with greater range, that is, more interactive, flexible, and adaptable to the focus of students’ interests and social needs. It’s more effective and lasting, increasing the students’ interest in the topics.

We aim to develop innovative educational models in health. Interactive educational technologies for health education optimize resources, improve students’ engagement, and increase knowledge retention, as well as offering new educational tools for both students and lecturers. This process stimulates learning and greater integration among students at different levels. It is an evolution of the education in synchrony with changing technological and social realities.

Our central argument is that learning is not so much a matter of information delivery, but of information processing.

Find out what's being doing so far, what to use, and how to be part of it.

The seminar will take place in TS210, The Spark.

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