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With just a few months to go until the ABP Southampton Marathon, Solent is offering participants and partners the chance to attend this event to learn more about how to prepare for the big day, and boost and sustain running performance.

You'll have the opportunity to hear from leading professionals and take part in an interactive activity - all aimed to help you prepare for your race. You will also get the opportunity to engage with partners, have a free massage from Solent's BSc (Hons) Sport and Exercise Therapy students and network with industry experts throughout the evening.

Event programme

Doors open, networking and light refreshments

Welcome from Solent University and Rees Leisure, and short lectures:

  • 5.45-6pm - The biomechanics of running: Top tops and quick wins to boost performance and reduce injury risk
    Thomas Gray MCSP MHCPC BSc Hons Physiotherapy, MSc (Dist.) Athletic Development & Peak Performance AND Associate Professor Adam Hawkey CSci SFHEA FBIS FBASES BASES Accredited Sport and Exercise Scientist
  • 6-6.15pm - Demystifying heart rate variability for runners
    Dr Emma Mosley
  • 6.15-6.30pm - Psychological skills for endurance sports
    Dr Darren Britton


Interactive activity:

  1. Core stability for improved running performance - Martin Skivington
    Still performing sit ups? Well sit up and take note, there are more effective (and safer) ways to train your core. This workshop will provide you with a range of safe and effective core exercises to replace the outdated, and potentially dangerous, abdominal exercises that many people still perform as part of their training regimes.
  2. Physiological testing taster - James Wright and Tom Dickson
    Join the team in Solent's physiology lab talking to you about the bio-mechanics of running, as well as exhibiting different methods used when completing V02 Max and Lactate Threshold testing - there may be an opportunity for some participants to try out the equipment so bring your trainers just in-case!
  3. Learn the benefits of foam rolling and stretching for running performance - Studio Twenty3
    Everybody talks about it, if not suggests it, but are you actually doing it! More importantly, are you doing it correctly? Learn the best foam rolling and stretches to improve performance from a level 3 Personal Trainer.
  4. Sports Complex tours - Adrian Kinecki
    Have you seen our brand new Solent Sports Complex? Join gym manager Adrian Kinecki who will take you on a tour showcasing the fantastic new facilities on offer including: the high-performance athlete gym and the massage room, as well as the 'innovation corner' in the public gym!

Please note: we will be announcing more interactive sessions soon!


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