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A half-day symposium by Creative Network South

Friday 19th January 2024
The Spark
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The Creative Network South Research Alliance (CNSRA) would like to extend an invitation to scholars, practitioners, policy makers and strategists in the creative and cultural sector to explore how a Networks of Practice approach can enhance our understanding of the social and cultural value that the sector provides. The symposium promises a rich exploration of value exchange networks and the evolving dynamics within creative industries. Through a series of compelling research papers, the event will delve into themes of sustainability, inclusivity, and economic vitality in post-pandemic landscapes.

One study spotlights the "Diverse Capacities" project in the UK's Solent region, investigating sustainable networks among creative freelancers, local government, and South Asian diaspora writers. It critiques the fragmented nature of regional cultural strategies and underscores the necessity for profound sector transformation to achieve genuine progress in Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI).

Another paper presents the Immersive Experience Network (IEN) as a case study, revealing how strategic dialogue and data-driven research can elevate the visibility and credibility of live immersive experiences within the global creative cultural industries. It reflects on initiatives like the "Creators Huddle" series and 'In Your Own Words' publication, which spotlight economic growth potential while addressing sector precarity and accessibility.

The symposium also features insights from the Netherlands, examining the cultural and creative sectors' dynamics in rural areas. The discussion will encompass macro and micro-level analyses, from mapping publicly funded cultural networks to understanding prestige transfer among individuals.

Together, these studies advocate for sustainable and inclusive growth strategies, offering novel theoretical positions and practical solutions to shape the future of creative industries. This symposium is set to be a melting pot of ideas, with implications for cultural policy, economic development, and community engagement, offering a beacon of knowledge for scholars, practitioners, and policymakers.

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12-1pm: Registration, light lunch and networking

1-2.15pm: Session 1

2.15-2.30pm: Refreshments

2.30-4pm: Session 2

Session 1

Keynote: Prof. Roberta Comunian (Kings College London)
Understanding networks, ecosystems and creative careers: complexity, scales and lifecycle.

Paper 1: Dr. Joanna Bucknall (Birmingham University)
The Immersive Experience Network (IEN): an empirically responsible, dialogical approach to Building a Collaborative Creative Community.

Paper 2: Prof. Daniel Ashton, Dr. Aiysha Jahan and Prof. Will May (Southampton University)
Diversifying Capacities: Understanding and developing creative communities, connectivity, and capacities

Session 2

Keynote: Carol Ekinsmyth (University of Portsmouth)
Forging networks of practice and change in a mid-sized city. Artists experiences in Portsmouth.

Panel: Djamila Boulil and Dr. Quirijn van den Hoogen, (University of Groningen)
Deep into the Province: Macro, meso and micro research into the (rural) Dutch cultural and creative professionals.

Biographies can be found on the booking page. 

The Networks of Practice symposium is supported by funding from Creative Network South and Solent University.

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