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Wednesday 27 March 2019

Southampton is the largest city in the county of Hampshire, England. What I liked about the city is the fact that it is very similar to where I used to live - Varna, Bulgaria. There is something special in all the cities next to the sea. Southampton is known as the cruise capital of Europe and is a host to many visitors each year.

Let me share with you the best things you can enjoy in Southampton:

  • SeaCity Museum - Did you know that Titanic set sail from Southampton? At the SeaCity Museum you can learn more about the story of the RMS Titanic and how the area's maritime history contributed to our lives.
  • Tudor House and Garden - if you want go back in the history of Southampton you must visit this place! It's a beautiful building and has an entertaining welcome with a combination of audio and visuals. The gardens are beautiful and include a lovely cafe with fresh food and excellent customer service.
  • Southampton Common - This is one of my favourite parks in the city. Vibrant, natural space in the heart of town that is full of local wildlife. It is the best place for relaxing, exercising or even studying.

Two students walking alongside the lake at Southampton Common

  • Ocean Village - This is a lovely and clean harbour with lots of eating places. The boats and yachts on the water are magnificent.
  • Westquay -  Of course I need to tell you about the main shopping centre as well! Westquay is a lovely place to shop with a good range of shops, restaurants and cafes.
  • St Mary’s Stadium - If you are a football fan you can visit the biggest stadium in the city and support the local team - the Saints.

There are plenty of beautiful places in Southampton which would leave you breathless. Solent University and the University of Southampton are bringing more and more students from all over the world to the city every year and you can see a lot of young people on the streets. What do you like about Southampton?