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Friday 1 June 2018

Roshani's 'Rebel' Army' collection

Roshani Limbu’s ‘Rebel Army’ fashion collection has already been featured in VOGUE Italia and appeared in the in Graduate Fashion Week Talent of Tomorrow, Digital Influencers Campaign, in the lead up to the catwalk shows in June.

We find out more about the final-year BA (Hons) Fashion  student’s hand embroidered designs that bring together different cultures to create a collection that celebrates women empowering movements and strong femininity.

Tell us a bit about your final project.

It’s called “Rebel Army.”  The main highlight of my collection is all the beading and embellishments. Everything is hand-embroidered and has a lot of surface texture with high colour impact.  I’ve always been a supporter of women empowerment and equality so, when it came to my final project I wanted my collection to leave a message.

What was the inspiration behind your project?

The whole collection is inspired by different women empowering movements; bringing the different cultures together to create a collection that stands united in representing strong femininity.  A lot of my influences came from the FARC military, where women have their own identity and personal style within the traditional army wear.

The colours and the beadings are highly influenced by my mum’s old pictures and the Nepalese culture. The eyes on my designs are influenced by Shamin Akhtar - Pakistan’s first female truck driver. The eyes are present all over the trucks, and are believed to protect against the evil eye.


Your work has also been selected to appear on the catwalk at GFW, how did it feel to find out this news?

This year everyone’s collection was amazing and super creative so it must have been very difficult for the lecturers to decide. Finding out I had been selected was very exciting but but also a bit nerve wracking. I felt like all the hard work really paid off.

Tell us a little more about what will happen at GFW and what this opportunity means for your portfolio?

It’s an opportunity to show my work to many talented people who are part of the fashion industry already.

Roshani's work in VOGUE Italia

Your work has also featured in VOGUE Italia, how did this opportunity come up and how does it feel to be selected?

I have to say Mitchell Cahoon did an amazing job capturing the details on my garments. We took these pictures for the brochures for our Solent Graduate Fashion show and then Mitchell sent me a message to say that the picture was featured on VOGUE Italia.  At that moment I am really happy; I feel very excited and grateful that all my hard work is being recognised and just humbled by all the support.

Your work has also appeared in GFW Talent of Tomorrow, Digital Influencers campaign in the lead up to the shows, how did this opportunity come about?

Three garments were being chosen to be sent for the photoshoot and only one was going to get selected. To be honest, I really didn't think my garment was up to the standard at that time so I wasn’t planning on entering it, but my lecturers believed in my garments and GFW selected it, so I am very thankful that they encouraged me.

What have you enjoyed most about your time at Solent?

Just having a great support system.  I’ve enjoyed working with my classmates and sharing the same goals. Everyone working together in a studio and helping one another keeps you motivated. 

What’s next for you?

Right now I am on the process of applying for internships, as I want to gain more experience and knowledge.

Please share any advice you have for other students or potential students?

The course will be challenging and push you out of your comfort zone, but just enjoy those three years because the time goes very fast; I still can’t believe I’m graduating. Always try to be proactive as it will really help to manage your time. 

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