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Monday 6 June 2016

Voston Telecoms Internship Success

Second year Karima is back this week with an update on her work placement at Voston Telecoms company based in Southampton. Karima’s experience is a great example of the importance of stepping out of your comfort zone and working in a new sector.


This summer I got the opportunity to work in a telecoms and network provider company based in Southampton. I must say that besides the terms “wifi” and “iCloud”  I didn’t understand anything about the telecommunications industry.

On my interview day, my supervisor gave me a package with loads of information about the company and the industry so I would understand it a bit more before coming in for the internship.

Vostron is a telecoms company that is preparing to launch a new website as they rebrand the company’s image. The marketing team is currently writing website content, local press releases, and industry related articles.

I thought I would find myself completely lost but fortunately, the marketing team was very helpful. At the start of my first day we went to the meeting room and talked about my tasks for the day. Research! Research enabled me to take on all my tasks more confidently and is so important to any PR task.

During my time I wrote a bit of everything, from emails to press releases to manufacturing, IT and financial articles. I realised that I can do much more than what I thought I was capable of, even without knowing very much about the industry

I understood the IT and telecoms much better, maybe I was becoming an expert…?

On my last day the team gave me a really nice card and a box of chocolates, it was totally unexpected and made me feel really good about all the work I put in.


Well done Karima, it sounds like you had a great experience!