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Thursday 5 May 2016

Find out how Gergana is getting on as she nears the end of her degree

gergana-tachevaThe end of the term is right around the corner, the library is jam-packed and Solent PR students are currently putting the finishing touches on their final assignments. This month I spoke to Gergana Tacheva who is near to the end of her PR degree. Check out what she's up to and her advice to new PR students!

You must be really busy at the moment! What assignments are you doing? 

Yes, very! The final year is challenging and a bit stressful. Currently I have a 10,000-word dissertation to hand in. The topic I have chosen is "The role of viral videos in PR", because of my passion about recording and editing videos. I would advise second year students is to select a dissertation topic that relates to their hobbies, interests or brand that they aim to work with. I also have to prepare for my French exam as well as Campaign Planning exam!

What do you do when you're not studying? 

I exercise, because it allows me to clear my head of university work.  On top of this I am a peer-lecturer at Solent, so I help second year students, studying Social Media, PR and Communications, with a subject related to employability.  My support consists of presenting creative ideas for recording and editing video CVs.

In addition to this, I have a part-time internship at FutureRising in London, as a content and marketing executive. I work two days a week and I find it very beneficial, giving me the opportunity to network with professionals who work within the industry I am interested in. The working atmosphere is great, as is the team I have to work with. I think the thing that inspires me the most is the fact that I believe in their service. Their aim is to help students interested in creative industries secure an internship or a job position.

Have you got any plans for after you graduate? 

I am going to California a few days after my last exam and currently I am applying for an internship at PR and digital media agencies that I have shown interest in. I would love to observe different working environments. After that I am planning to stay in Southampton and work full time. In fact, my course leader, Sally Holland, inspired me to apply for a Solent Graduate Scheme program that is related to my course. I know that this would be a terrific opportunity for me to build my skills up.

As a student who’s nearly spent three years studying PR at Solent, what would your advice be to people thinking of applying to work placement?

I’d definitely recommend attending all Solent conferences and networking events that are open to PR students, because this was the way I found two out of four work placements. I also think that it’s beneficial if you connect with people on LinkedIn that work in the industry you are interested in. Also, don't be scared to be out of your comfort zone, to make mistakes and ask questions. Always believe in yourself and have positive attitude!

Thank you Gergana, and good luck with your final projects!

 Solent PR Editor