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Tuesday 31 January 2017

Jen Groover inspires students

Serial entrepreneur and motivational speaker Jen Groover visited Solent University to inspire students to become their own boss. Introduced to Solent through BA (Hons) Business with Entrepreneurship alumnus James Welsh, Jen spoke about her own experience and shared her top tips.

Through the years Jen has become known for her speeches about work and life, which mixed with her passion and love for her job, has helped her grow a following and influence people of all ages.

“Everyone could walk away with one thing that may change their life,” Jen says. She started her business fresh out of college, and delved into the fitness industry as that’s where her passion lay at the time.

“I became an entrepreneur as I couldn’t wrap my head around the thought process of working for somebody else, or having someone telling me I could only grow as fast as the company, versus growing in my own way,” she explains.

Jen is known for pushing boundaries and doing her own thing, which is how she explains her success: “It just became a natural process. I didn’t know what I was doing all of the time but I just did it and haven’t stopped since. 20 years later here I am.”

One of her most notable inventions has been the butler bag, inspired by the dividers you find in the dish washer. The idea came after a stressful evening of taking her new-born twins out grocery shopping with her, and not being able to dig out her credit card. “I needed to get more organised and feel calmer as a new mum, and as we all know, necessity is the mother of inventions,” she explains.

The rest is history. She’s now working on a variety of projects, one being Jumpstart Startup, the first ever pop up store for entrepreneurs who want to get all the advice and essentials to start off their new business venture. 

Her tips for Solent students who want to pursue the entrepreneurial life? “It’s a journey. It involves self-transformation so constantly grow and change. You can be good at multiple things and don’t be afraid of getting rejected. The most successful people work on themselves first, so constantly work on your own personal development and emotional intelligence.”

Jen Groover with BA (Hons) Business with Entrepreneurship alumnus James Welsh