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Tuesday 26 September 2017

This month's Public Relations student of the month is second year PR & Comms student Matthew Mackinnon.

Name: Matthew Mackinnon

Linkedin: Matthew Mackinnon

Instagram: Matthew Mackinnon

Twitter: RealMatthewUK

When did you first decide you wanted to study PR?

I was DESPERATE to get a career in something which I love and felt all my friends were finding their niche, leaving me behind. I asked myself what I love – Communicating, Social Media and making a difference are the things I care about, and PR just fitted perfectly. I knew it was such a broad industry so I wouldn’t be restricted to a specific path when I graduate. I wanted a course which has practical elements, whilst still being study based.

What has been your favourite unit so far?

I would say the creative digital technology unit. I had never used InDesign before, and it really exposed me to it, along with other adobe programmes. I now feel pretty confident with the basics and have the ability to branch off and use the programmes for more complex things. It also allowed me to be creative, which I love. The briefs were also really interesting as they related to my work placement at NATS.

What are your tips for A level students considering a PR degree?

DO IT! It opens up so many different doors, the programme itself is well run and the lecturers are great. You can use design skills and creativity whilst still incorporating written elements. This will really help you realise if PR is for you whilst also exposing you to other things such as marketing and advertising.