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Monday 4 May 2020

Earlier this semester, second year students were tasked with creating, planning, filming and editing their own set of viral videos, totalling two minutes, as part of their ‘PR In A Digital World’ assignment project.

Students worked to live YCN briefs for their projects, with their chosen briefs being STA Travel and Wrap Recycling. Through completing this assignment, students were able to express their creativity in all elements of the video process- planning, set designing, acting, filming and editing- all in under eight weeks! During seminar workshops, students were given an overview of film editing using Adobe Premiere Pro and how to film using a Canon XC15 camera- both useful skills to have going forward in their PR careers.


After spending seven weeks getting to grips with storyboarding, filming and different editing techniques, each group showcased their viral videos to their peers and lecturers in a ‘Dragons’ Den’-style pitch. The first group, working to the STA Travel brief, presented a series of short TikTok-style clips, all highlighting various opportunities provided by STA Travel for students.


The second group, working to the Wrap Recycling brief, created a mini series of spin-off clips based on the sitcom Gavin and Stacey, to appeal to Welsh students and to encourage more students in Welsh Universities to recycle their food waste.



The final group, also working to the STA Travel brief, focussed on YouTube influencer-style videos and Instagram stories to encourage students to book adventures with STA Travel.


This project has been a great opportunity for students to get creative alongside learning new videography skills. I had great fun learning how ideas discussed in our group in the early planning stages developed into a fully edited viral video clip! I had little experience in filming, editing or acting but after completing these workshops, I feel I have learned new skills to take with me to third year and beyond!

Stay tuned for more about what our PR students get up to!