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Tuesday 23 April 2013

Europass: the viral video competition

Two teams of advertising students from Solent University have won second and third prize in a viral video competition for Europass.

The competition required students to produce a short video highlighting the work of Europass to remove barriers of working across Europe.

“We were amazed by the high level of skill and creativity in the submissions”- commented Frazer Wallace, the National Europass Centre co-ordinator.

Apple vouchers worth £200 and £100 were awarded to two teams from Southampton Solent University. These submissions demonstrated the range of the films entered.

‘The Weird and Wonderful’ was placed second for its humorous interpretation of the use of Europass, and ‘Interviews’ was placed third for her inspirational presentation of the variety of people who benefit from Europass.

The benefits for the students have gone beyond the competition and winning the vouchers. James Freemantle, one of the creatives behind ‘The Weird and Wonderful’ says, “Winning a top prize in a pan-European competition looks great on my CV and has been mentioned in numerous interviews I have had since. The fact that it’s for a viral makes it standout even more when compared to standard print competitions.”

While Mihaela Alis Chatreau says, “Having participated in this competition was a win on so many levels. Not only did it give me valuable experience of the competitive nature of the advertising industry, but it also gave a boost of confidence that I then took forward in the development of the projects that followed.”

The videos of the finalists are also available at Europass UK YouTube channel.