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Wednesday 9 November 2016

Tavcom gets training refresh

An award winning security systems training company is now able to reach new competitive global markets, thanks to a partnership with Southampton Solent University, the government and the Department for International Trade.

Tavcom Training, based in Bishops Waltham, Southampton, is a leading provider of online security systems training courses. With the support of a Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP), the company hired recent graduate Pete Taylor, who graduated from Southampton Solent University in 2014 with a 2.1 in BSc (Hons) Computer Games Development.

KTPs, which can last anywhere between one and three years, award partner businesses government funding while also granting them access to the expertise of universities and recent graduates. An academic specialist in the partner university supports and mentors the hired graduate to fulfil the company’s business need in an area where it lacks knowledge. The programme, which has now been running for more than 40 years, is funded by Innovate UK, a government body.

Jim Hallett, eLearning Development Manager at Tavcom, explains: “Although our online department had been running for around three years, most of our content was primarily text with a picture and audio track. Pete, along with the KTP, offered us the opportunity to enhance these courses with the missing elements and make them a more viable item to sell.”

Pete was able to review the eLearning practices and make recommendations on the content and systems already in place.

He says: “The result of this KTP was that Tavcom was able to release a completely overhauled course, using my experience as a way to gain an advantage over its competition. The company was able to use the animations and interactions within the course as a unique selling point.”

Peter Taylor

As part of the partnership, the assistance provided by Solent didn’t stop there. Jim adds: “Funded by the KTP, we contracted the facilities of Solent Creatives - who created an animation and helped me produce our online brochure – and Solent Productions, who produced a couple of promotional videos for our website. All were a fantastic help in promoting our online products.”

The partnership finished in May, but it was only the beginning for Pete, who was offered a permanent role within the company as an eLearning developer.

He says: “I would highly recommend KTPs to other graduates looking for a way to get onto the career ladder. It’s an ideal way to help a business achieve its goals, while being given assistance and advice from academics at the University, and a budget to enable you to purchase any equipment to help you achieve that. Without Solent’s help, it may not have happened.”

For more information relating to KTPs at Southampton Solent University, email Katie Hornby, Knowledge Exchange and Business Development Manager, at