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Friday 18 November 2016

Helping Pudsey

Media technology students have once more helped Pudsey get on air for BBC Children in Need.

The BBC used Solent’s outside broadcast vehicle and systems cameras for the BBC South opt-ins to the network broadcast, which goes live tonight, Friday 18 November.

Eight students helped with ‘rigging up’ on Thursday (17 November) and a further eight will be on hand to make sure the rehearsals and transmissions go smoothly tonight.


Paul Bourne, Senior Lecturer on the media technology programme, says: “BBC Children in Need is a great opportunity for our undergraduates to experience the preparation and excitement that goes into a live transmission. It’s a privilege to be able to do this with a world renowned broadcaster.”

The media technology programme has been involved with the broadcast for Children in Need for several years. Tony Male, Vision Supervisor, says: “From an engineering perspective it’s useful to speak to the students about how cameras work in a multi-camera environment; the students get to understand how often overlooked, but important, technologies such as tallies are used.”


Dan Johnston, a third year student on BSc (Hons) Broadcast Systems Engineering course, adds “It was interesting to see how a production was put together and how the production staff pull together to stick to such tight schedules. From a technical point of view it was particularly interesting to see how the cameras are aligned to maintain balance between the feeds.”

The days are long but the students are thoroughly enjoying the experience and even managed to get a photograph with Pudsey himself!