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Friday 13 May 2016

Students' film profiles Saints legend Francis Benali and his family.

BA (Hons) Television and Video Production students have created five films about families whose long history is closely connected with Southampton.

The films were made as part of the second-year students’ Television Business and Practice unit, which focuses on working with real clients on real briefs.


Chloe Williams, 19, second year TV and video production student from Buckinghamshire, worked with the Benali family. Here’s what she has to say:

Who else was in your crew for the project?

We were a team of five students: Matt Pugh was the producer, Adam Gonthier and Luke Tench were camera operators, Shona Murphy was our sound operator and I directed the film.


Tell us a bit about the family you filmed and their involvement with Southampton.

Our family for St George's day was the Benalis. Francis Benali was born and raised within the Southampton area and at a young age got scouted by Southampton FC, where he was able to progress into a professional career. Francis became a local legend, now has a family of his own and raises the next generation of Benalis right in the heart of the city.

What did you find most interesting about doing the film?

Being able to go behind the scenes and get to know more about the life of a legendary footballer and learning about his life after football.


What were the main challenges of making the film?

Scheduling the short amount of time we had with the client turned out to be the most challenging aspect of producing the film. We needed to be 100% organised with timings, equipment and crew. All this helped us create a film we are proud to present.

What did you learn most from this project?

Liaising with a high profile client and structuring the pre and post production for a short documentary became one of the key skills I acquired during the work on this project.


What are your ultimate plans once you graduate?

I am planning on becoming a camera operator in the Outside Broadcasting company once I graduate from Solent!