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Wednesday 17 May 2017

On the 27 April through to Monday 1, Teddy Rocks festival was in full swing. With multiple stages and tents it was a challenging technical brief, but Media Technology student delivered for the charity event.

Teddy Rocks

Students provided technical support for their production and journalism cousins, who were providing all the coverage and feeds for the event. 

Nick Arbenz and Oliver Davies acted as technical lead and point of call respectively. Using the OB Truck as the centre of operations for main stage, feeds from 9 cameras and sound were fed in, vision mixed and distributed to the large screens next to the stage as well as screens in the VIP areas.

Teddy Rocks

A key technical challenge for this was the integration of a variety of formats including system cameras, GoPro’s and laptop feeds. 

The sound was mixed and recorded to accompany footage that would later be pieced together to use in advertising the event and as show reels for some of the bands involved. The event was a great opportunity for the students to demonstrate their ability to be self-sufficient and professional.

Teddy Rocks

Well done to all those involved.