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Saturday 10 March 2018

Today media technology students were on hand to help Unity 101 transmit their production live from the Nuffield Theatre Southampton’s new city venue. Produced by Ram Kalyan “Kelly” with support from NTS, Kalj Aur Kal was the community radio station’s first venture into musical theatre. The show documented 100 years of Indian cinematic history through dance, music and narration, and was very well received by audiences.

Media technology brought their outside broadcast vehicle and mixed camera and audio feeds live for delivery online. It was a challenging brief with the ever-changing lighting in theatrical productions making balancing the camera tones particularly difficult. However the students demonstrated their skill and professionalism in transmitting two live shows, including an additional awards ceremony in the evening, with great results. The crew comprised a mixture of first and second years on a variety of courses form the programme including BSc (Hons) Television Production Technololgy and BSc (Hons) Broadcast Systems Engineering.

The media technology programme has an ongoing relationship with Unity 101 and second year students have been involved with a number of other productions over several years. Kelly is always very complimentary of the results and the students really benefit from the experiences he and Unity 101 are able to provide. It was especially nice this year that the matinee show coincided with a University open day so prospective students could walk across to see the truck and students in full swing.

Clockwise from top-left: the Solent crew, students rigging the camera positions, sound engineering within the outside broadcast vehicle, the director and vision mixer in the outside broadcast vehicle