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Saturday 13 April 2013

Alumni: Nizari Vyas

Martin Skivington Principal Lecturer, speaks to Nirzari Vyas about her recent performance at the the International Fitness Showcase

Former Solent health and fitness student Nirzari Vyas recently performed at the International Fitness Showcase in Blackpool as part of the Pure Energy team to showcase their Just Jhoom! (Just Dance!) Bollywood Bhangra CD.

Nirzari performs on stage

Although she was originally meant to be performing just as a backing dancer, Nirzari ended up co-teaching parts of the session which she found both nerve-wracking and exciting.

Just Jhoom! is the first and only Bollywood fitness class accredited by REPs and Nirzari, who completed her training in April 2011 comments:

“it was an amazing electric atmosphere, and I really feel I’ve found my passion in the fitness industry. Although I still have my duty manager job, I am working hard to get the freelance side of my career going and I teach Jhoom classes within the local community, at a private health & fitness club as well as a specific class for people with limited movement and/or disabilities. This class is definitely the most challenging yet the most rewarding”.

Nirzari is clearly relishing this fantastic opportunity, none of which would have been possible without her degree and the added value vocational qualifications she gained whilst studying at Solent.

Nirzari adds: “if you had never made it compulsory to do the REPs Level 2 award, then I would never have done my Exercise to Music qualification, without which I would have not been able to do my Just Jhoom! training…so this is also a thank you for the wonderful years at Solent and pushing us all in the right direction and for the inspiration you provided. You’re all truly a wonderful team of lecturers!”