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An email will be sent to your Solent University email account whenever your input is required into the process. 

  1. Click on the ‘project’ link (you may be prompted to log into the Portal) 

  1. If you are a deputy chair you will receive the application when it is forwarded by a member of academic staff. You will be asked to: 

  • assign two other panel members to take part in the review,  

  • note when both panel members have responded, and 

  • synthesize the comments of the panel members on completion of the review in the comments box provided and record the decision of the panel. 

  1. If you are a panel member you will be asked to review an application. When you have completed the review you should submit a comment in the box provided. 
The review should normally take 10 working days following submission of the application to the deputy chair.
  • When the deputy chair has synthesized the views of the panel and recorded the decision to be forwarded to the applicant the applicant will be notified by email. Where an applicant is a student, the decision will also be copied to their named supervisor. 

  • All panel members’ comments will remain available to for review by auditors, or to inform processes such as appeals, complaints or disciplinary procedures. 

  1. Approve – The project may begin immediately 

  1. Approve with comments – ‘Comments’ or ‘conditions’ may be applied to the approval. 

    • A ‘comment’ is something the panel want the applicant to consider when undertaking the project, but the project can begin. 

    • A ‘condition’ requires the applicant to record how they will meet it, before the project is begun. Student applicants must demonstrate how they will meet ‘conditions’ to their supervisor. 

3. Decline with comments – The panel has either: 

    • raised concerns or issues they would need to see addressed before the application could progress, or  

    • the application has been forwarded to the panel in error.

Applicants will have the option to edit and resubmit the application. 

4. Reject – The panel do not consider that the application has sufficient merit to proceed any further. 

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