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We take the issues of harassment and sexual misconduct extremely seriously. No student or staff member should ever have to feel unsafe, and we are committed to providing a wide range of measures to ensure everyone feels supported throughout their time at Solent.

What is sexual violence and harassment?

Sexual violence and harassment is any sexual act that is perpetrated without the consent of the other person. Sexual violence and harassment is not specific to gender, sexual orientation, race, religion or age. This can take place in person, via phone or text message or online via email, instant messaging or social media.

Solent is standing up to sexual violence and harassment because it is never acceptable. Here at Solent, if you have been a victim of sexual harassment or violence, you can speak with a Sexual Violence Liaison Officer (SVLO) to gain more information around your options for reporting, disciplinary actions and support services available to you.

Why it's important to stand up

  • 700,000 people aged 16-59 estimated to have been sexually assaulted in the last year. The majority of these cases will not enter the criminal justice system. And less than one in five victims of rape or assault by penetration reported their experience to the police. (ONS online)
  • From a survey carried out of 4,500 students from 153 different institutions, 62% have experienced sexual violence at UK universities. (Revolt Sexual Assault, online)
  • A third of respondents (31%) felt pressurised to do something sexual while at university.
  • In the majority of cases (57%) the perpetrator was known to the student. And among those who knew the perpetrator, it was most frequently another student from their university (75%).
  • As a result of sexual violence within universities, students reported significant impacts on their self-confidence, mental health, studies, access to the local area, and social life. Respondents considered or engaged in academic consequences that included 25% skipping lectures, tutorials, or changing or dropping certain modules to avoid the perpetrators, and 16% suspending their studies or dropping out of their degree. (Revolt Sexual Assault, online)

Our new online consent course

Solent has created an online, interactive consent package for all students at the University. This training helps to build on knowledge and understanding around what is consent, who can give consent, and respectful sexual behaviours.

Take the online training course

How to report

If you or someone you know has been a victim of sexual violence and harassment, you can report it using a dedicated form.

Report an incident

Support and advice

Support at Solent

The Student Hub has two trained sexual violence liaison officers (SVLOs) to support students who have experienced sexual violence.

For support from the University around sexual assault, domestic abuse or harassment, please email or you can call the Student Hub on 023 8201 6899.

All support will be completely confidential and our trained team will be able to direct students to further help if needed.

You can also see Solent Students’ Union’s support services on their website.

Further support and advice outside of the University

  • If you’re outside of the University, please call 101 for non-emergency or 999 for emergency services.
  • Sexual assault victims can also refer to the sexual assault referral centre (SARC). Call: 0300 123 6616 (free confidential advice 24/7).
  • Yellow Door - support and prevention services for sexual and domestic abuse. For general enquiries please call 023 8063 6312 or email
  • National Rape Crisis Helpline: 0808 802 9999 (12-2pm and 7-9.30pm every day).
  • RESPECT men's advice line: support for male victims of domestic abuse 0808 8010327​.
  • The Samaritans: can be contacted all day, every day on their free phone number 116 123.