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The University is committed to maintaining and, wherever possible, improving the quality of the environment both for the people who live and work in the University, and for the wider community and the wider world, now and in the future.

Environmental policy

The University seeks to make the most effective and efficient use of all resources, encouraging all members of the university community to develop an ecologically sound approach to their work.

Protection of the environment is an integral part of good institutional practice, and we endeavour to ensure operations at our city centre sites, our Warsash campus and on the Solent are conducted with proper regard for the environment.

For more details, read our policy documents:

Environmental policy

Ethical investment policy


Our student residences have an active recycling program through Suez. Recycling is easy to do on campus and at the residences with one container used for all recyclable materials, so there is no need to sort it into separate bins.  

Saving energy

The University uses only energy-saving lighting and, where practically possible, timers are in place to reduce unnecessary power usage. Staff and students are also encouraged to switch off any lighting and heating equipment when not required.

We actively encourage all our residents to switch off all lighting and heating equipment when not required. The student residences also participate in the student switch off campaign which aims to encourage students to save energy whilst living in the residences.  

The residences also use only energy-saving lighting, and timers are used wherever possible to minimise unnecessary power usage.

Carbon management plan

The University’s carbon management plan is the result of work in collaboration with the Carbon Trust as part of the Higher Education Carbon Management Programme.

The University has agreed to make significant strides towards reducing the impact that its activities have on the environment, and contribute to local and national commitments to reduce emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2).

Carbon management plan

Sustainable food policy

The University currently works closely with its contracted catering partner, Sodexo, to deliver quality and excellence with a strong ethical basis. The contractor is actively encouraged to review the service provision, assess and improve offers, and continue to maintain the high standards necessary to meet the expectations of the University. 

Southampton Solent University's sustainable food policy


Southampton Solent University is a Fairtrade university, ensuring that Fairtrade products (including food and cotton) are available for sale in all campus shops, and that Fairtrade foods are used in all cafés/restaurants/bars on campus.

We have also produced a Fairtrade directory to help staff and students find out where Fairtrade products can be purchased on campus.

A Fairtrade steering group, which includes a mixture of university staff, Students' Union, partner contractors and students, works to maintain the University’s Fairtrade status, organises campaigns, and encourages the Fairtrade ethos through promotion and sale of Fairtrade products.

In partnership with the Solent Students’ Union we implemented a Fairtrade policy which is reviewed on an annual basis.

Southampton Solent University's Fairtrade policy

To contact the Solent Fairtrade steering group, email

You can find out more about Fairtrade on the Fairtrade Foundation website.

Southampton City and Region Action to Combat Hardship (SCRATCH)

As part of our commitment to the local community and to help reduce our waste, we have developed strong links with a local charity, SCRATCH. This enables students to donate any unwanted items when they move out of accommodation, and the University also donates unwanted bedding, duvets and pillows.

Further information

For more information, please visit the Portal's environment and sustainability pages.

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