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Live Client Pitches

21 January 2019

As part of an assessment brief, students worked in groups for 10 weeks to create a campaign launch for a new dry skin and eczema product.

Students had to write a 4000-word report, which was followed by an exciting and real-life client pitch! (the fun part). There were two groups, both had to present a fun and engaging digital campaign to launch a new skin care product. The campaigns had to focus on clear strategies, objectives and various ways of increasing the awareness of the product. The first group was named ‘CDMS PR’ (a combination of initials…creative!) and the second group named themselves ‘Spark Communications’.

The day of the live pitches

We had two PR professionals join us on the day on the pitching. Naomi, from FivebyFive and Mike from Napier PR. They both judged the pitching and offered our students some great and constructive feedback, commenting not only on their campaign ideas but also their pitching and group work skills. Pitching in front of PR professionals helped our students to understand what it will be like when they pitch in the PR industry… this was a great experience!

The pitches kicked off promptly and both groups presented their campaigns for 15 minutes. CDMS PR produced a campaign that was based around a pamper night and Spark Communications’ campaign was about using the skincare product to be able to re-gain confidence. Both teams brought originality to the table and weren’t scared to get creative and show off to our guests! After the pitches, the students were sent away for an intense 20 minutes whilst the judges discussed the campaigns and decided on the winning team.

Both teams offered fantastic campaigns, they showed professionalism, innovation and great team spirit. Despite this, the winning title was given to Spark Communications… (Although it was a tough decision!) The students were not only competing for the winning team but also a chance to be offered a two-week work experience placement with Naomi at FivebyFive. The winning student is very excited for their placement this summer.

The live pitches were a great opportunity for our students to gain an insight into the PR industry whilst having fun for one of their assignments!