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Imagining Reality with

2 March 2021

Interactive filmmaking is a new form of technology thriving in the creative industries. As the audience, choosing the path characters take brings you into the centre of the story. Solent University's new partnership with allows our students to use this new software, bringing their own interactive stories to life. If you liked Bandersnatch, then you can also have the opportunity to make your own interactive film at Solent!

Our second year Media Production Students are using this innovative technology in their 'Imagining reality' unit. We caught up with second year student Yazmine Chappell to hear all about the amazing experience so far!

Chloe: What drew you to the 'Imagining Reality' Video Production unit?

Yazmine: I originally chose Imagining Reality' as I’ve always been interested in the film side of Media Production since starting my course. I think the course topic is extremely important for furthering and developing skills as an industry professional looking to go into film.

Chloe: Interactive Technology is new to Solent thanks to, what did you already know of this innovative filmmaking experience, and what has inspired your project?

Yazmine: As I researched and looked further into interactive film, the genre aspect was something that inspired my plot. Most of the interactive films that took my interest were thriller based. Creating a thriller that is interactive can really play with the viewers ethical compass due to the decisions one would be making throughout. From there, my group and I created a narrative that questions morale and ethical thinking of the viewer, making for a really gripping film that leaves you thinking about it afterwards.

Chloe: What are you most excited about for this project?

Yazmine: Having as an opportunity to get into interactive film is extremely progressive for the University and looks amazing on a creatives portfolio. As a creative myself. I am very excited to be apart of the growth of interactive movie making in modern day. Using this software as students is a very large jump to the previous opportunities we’ve had such as in the first year, the skills I can get from this, is one that is rare at the moment for many aspiring film makers so I’m just glad to be apart of this journey.

Chloe: Have you had to face any challenges so far? 

Yazmine: The main issue myself and I think most people on my unit are also facing, are the Covid restrictions at the moment. This is a group project so it’s making it difficult for filming to continue as it would have under normal circumstances. Luckily, the restrictions have eased enough for us to continue filming and we are all being Covid tested at the University before we film; however the looming possibility of not being able to film as a group due to unforeseen circumstances is always over our heads sadly.

Many thanks to Yazmine for talking to us about her project! Keep an eye out for more blogs about our exciting opportunities on the BA (Hons) Media Production course.

Written and Published by Chloe Webb

BA (Hons) Media Production

Solent University