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Personal statements - part two

Week 12

27 November 2023

Keep making a statement with your personal statement. Personal statements are a biggie. That's why we've dedicated two weeks to help guide you through writing yours.

This is part two, where we'll be covering how to help you find the motivation to get writing your personal statement, but in case you missed it, here's part one.

Time for a quick recap

So you've probably read our week 5 article make a statement with your personal statement (if not, I'd give it another read) it's full of useful hints and tips and here's a quick recap:

We ran a Facebook Live all about personal statements:

We sent you off to some sample statements to help you write it:

And, we gave you some of the best places to look for tips:

If you're coming to a Solent University open day, we have a helpful personal statement hub where you can get yours checked by our team.

Let's get started on part two

So rather than giving you the same advice on writing personal statements, we're going to be doing something a bit different. It's all about finding the motivation and some tips on how to write your statement.

Your personal statement is a bit like your CV. It gives you the opportunity to talk about yourself and how you're right for the course(s) you're applying to. You essentially have to brag about just how amazing you are and why your university should choose you!

Finding the motivation

So, if you're anything like most of the population, you love a bit of procrastination before getting down to the task at hand. Sitting down and writing 4,000 characters about yourself can seem like a very daunting task, so here are some tips for motivating yourself:

  • Create a good space - tidy up your workspace and get everything looking neat, tidy and organised.
  • Be positive - having a positive attitude will help motivate yourself to write your statement. So square those shoulders, sit up straight and know that you're going to smash this.
  • Reward yourself - Treat yourself! For every paragraph you write, allow yourself to have a square of chocolate or promise yourself that once you've written this you'll treat yourself to that game or outfit you've been after!
  • Goal setting - Tell yourself by 3pm you'll have written your opening paragraph, or by Tuesday you'll have the first draft ready, setting goals will help with the breaking down this task into smaller manageable chunks.
  • Be inspired - If you're going to be writing about how amazing you are, you need to feel inspired. Everyone has that little thing they do that gets them inspired to do work. Have you heard about 'power posing'? It could help bring you a bit of confidence. Check out this TED Talk about how body language can shape who you are.  

Starting to write

Everyone has a different way of writing. Some of us like to sit down and plan everything out, while others prefer to sit at a screen and type.

But if you're struggling to write your personal statement, here are some handy articles about how to start:

Tasks for this week

  • Take a look back at week 5 and check out the information on there (you can never have too much advice).
  • Take a deep breath and get inspired.
  • Grab yourself some snacks, find somewhere quiet, and get writing!