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UCAS key dates

Week 13

3 December 2018

The deadline for submitting your UCAS application is six weeks away! If you're gearing up to submit yours - or if you already have - there are a few important dates after submission that you need to be aware of. And guess what, we're here to help!

Deadlines, deadlines, deadlines

The deadline for submitting most UCAS applications is in six weeks! There, we thought we'd get that out of the way right from the start.

Scared kid

If you're applying to uni, you should be well aware that the deadline for submitting your application to UCAS is 15 January 2019. Or 24 March 2019 for some art and design courses - make sure you check this if you're applying for a course in this subject area.

If you've been following our weekly posts you will have seen our guidance on choosing the right course, how to register on UCAS, and writing your personal statement.

All of this is to help you prepare your application in good time, and to avoid panicking on 14 January because you've left things to the last minute.

What happens next

We'll be covering this in more detail over the coming weeks. But, for now, once you've submitted your application, it's the waiting game. Be aware that there are some dates you should keep in mind that relate to any offers you might receive from your chosen unis. The UCAS website has a list of these dates - we've taken them and put them into a handy printable guide. Pin it to your wall, attach it to your laptop, use it as a bookmark - wherever you're going to see it to be reminded of what's coming up next.

Download the UCAS key dates guide

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