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It's Christmas!

Week 16

25 December 2023

This week, there are no tasks to do or quizzes to complete. It's Christmas! And we're no Scrooge. So, have a week off and enjoy all the fun and festivities of the season. But if you are trying to sneak in some revision, we've got a couple of festive themed tips for you!

Wherever you're spending this Christmas, we just want to say one big:

We're taking a break from helping you prepare for uni and, for the next couple of weeks at least, we hope you are too. Enjoy spending time with your family and friends and make sure you take it easy.

If you do want to do a bit of revision, here are some festive tips for you!

Mockin' around the Christmas tree

A-Level students – there’s no getting away from it, it's mock exams time.

But mocks aren’t REAL exams!

True, mocks aren’t the real thing, but they are a great way to prepare you for what’s to come.

Use them to see how you’re getting on with your course. At the very least you’ll find out what you do and don’t know – helping to identify any areas you may need to focus on a little more. Also, if your tutor has made any notes, read through them and learn from them.

They’re also a great way to perfect your revision technique. You’ll know what works for you and what doesn’t. It’s a great opportunity to make any necessary tweaks and put a really good timetable together so when it comes to the ‘real thing’ in the summer, you should be raring to go.

And mock exams will give you a taste of what the summer exams will be like. You’ll be in the same conditions as your final exams, so when it comes to it, you’ll be familiar with the setup.

Don’t panic

Remember, they aren’t the real thing. Yes, they’re important, but if you don’t get the results you were expecting, don’t panic. There’s still plenty of time before your summer exams. Focus on what’s ahead and take time to work on any areas that need attention and hone your revision techniques.

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All I want for Christmas (is to finish my UCAS application)

The other big thing that’s coming up is the deadline for UCAS applications. 6pm on 15 January to be precise. If you’ve already submitted your application, you can skip this bit!

If you’re yet to submit yours, don’t panic. There’s still time! The Christmas break is an ideal time to put the finishing touches to your application. Take yourself off to a quiet corner of the house for a few hours to make sure you’ve got everything covered. Don’t forget to ask someone to give it a once-over to make sure everything’s present and correct. 

And our gift to you is some quick links to the 52 Things articles you'll need!

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We're not going to give any tasks this week, though, because we do want you to have a lovely stress-free Christmas this year!