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It's Christmas!

Week 16

24 December 2018

This week, there are no tasks to do or quizzes to complete. It's Christmas! And we're no Ebenezer Scrooge. So, have a week off and enjoy all the fun and festivities of the season.

Merry Christmas! This Christmas Eve, we hope you're on Santa's 'good' list!

We're taking a break from helping you prepare for uni and, for the next couple of days at least, we hope you are too. Enjoy spending time with your family and friends. Watch the Strictly Christmas special, indulge in a mince pie or two, and try not to fall out over games of Monopoly!

Keeping things festive, we've put together a list of Christmas songs for you - from traditional to cheesy, there's something for everyone here! It's called 52 Christmas Songs to Listen To (see what we did there?!)