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National Apprenticeship Week

Week 22

5 February 2024

Dun, dah, dun, dah, dun, dah, dun, dah dun, dah dun, dah dun dunnn... (That's The Apprentice theme tune if you couldn't tell) But we're not talking about Lord Sugar's TV show, we're talking National Apprenticeship Week! Here we'll answer all your questions about what apprenticeships are, how to apply, what you can do, and more!

This week, to celebrate National Apprenticeship Week, we figured we'd give you all the information about apprenticeships in one place! But, if we have left something out, we've got the handiest apprenticeship team around who can help! Just give them an email on:

What is an apprenticeship?

An apprenticeship is essentially a qualification that you study for alongside having a job. These qualifications can range from GCSEs to a Master's degree! (You can find out more about the different qualifications in our week 4 article).

You'll combine the training you receive on the job with studying, giving you a qualification at the end and a TON of transferable skills. You'll earn a wage while you're studying and your employer, along with the Government, will pay for your studies so you don't have to!

Think of it as Work + Wage + Study = Qualification!

What can I study?

You can study so many different types of things! From business to construction, to nursing, to cyber security, there's a whole world of apprenticeships out there; so depending on what you're passionate about or what you'd love to do for a career, you'll find one to suit you! have a helpful list of the types of things you can study on an apprenticeship - make sure you check it out here:'s A-Z of Apprenticeships

Can I study an apprenticeship?

Each apprenticeship will have a set of entry requirements which you will have to meet in order to start your apprenticeship. The entry requirements will depend on the level of study.

So, if you meet those requirements and have an employer who is willing to support you during your apprenticeship (or you've been hired as an apprentice) then you should be able to get working and studying and get your qualification!

How much does it cost?

As we mentioned above your employer and the Government cover the costs of the qualification you'll receive. The Government and your employee will split the cost depending on the size of the company.

While you don't have to pay course fees and you receive a wage, you will have to budget for your living costs. You should be at least receiving minimum wage from your employer, but you won't be eligible for a student loan.

However, you may be eligible for some scholarships or bursaries from the training provider (whether it's a college or a university delivering your studies).

Where can I find an apprenticeship?

You can apply for an apprenticeship in a few simple ways, firstly if you're already in employment, talk to your employer about wanting to study an apprenticeship. Have a look at different colleges and universities which offer apprenticeships. Remember, you may have to go in for a few lessons, so don't pick one that's super far away.

If you're in Hampshire (with a shameless plug) check out our apprenticeships and see if we have one you like the look of:

Solent's apprenticeships

Or, if you're not in employment, you can use to search for an apprenticeship position. Just add your location and find one that works for you!

Find an apprenticeship

Should I go to uni or do an apprenticeship?

The choice, ultimately, is up to you! There are pros and cons to going to university or starting an apprenticeship. We've got a super helpful guide from week 3 about if university is the right choice for you. Make sure you check that out!

Discuss your options with your careers advisers, family and friends and research fully both options before picking.

Tasks for this week

  • Have a look at the website for apprenticeships
  • Discuss with family and friends whether an apprenticeship is the right route for you