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Which course is right for you?

Week 8

30 October 2017

Still thinking about what degree to do? It's not always easy to choose a degree. If you're trying to decide on a career, think about the things you're interested in. From science to surfing, you can find a degree in a something you love.

Although some people know they want to be a doctor, or a musician, or an engineer from a young age, not everybody knows what to study at university. And not everybody knows what job they want to do afterwards, either.

Essentially you should choose something you think you’re going to enjoy studying for the next three or four years. Because if you don’t enjoy studying a subject, chances are you’re not going to enjoy doing that every day as a job either. If you haven’t already, take a look at week 2 where we talk about choosing a career based on the lifestyle you want.

One really good thing about university is that you learn a lot of transferable skills during your studies. These can be applied to a range of different jobs. So, when you’re looking at which degree you want to study, check out the skills you’ll learn - these could help you get a job in a variety of fields.

And don't forget open days. If you read last week’s post about open days, you’ll know that these are a great opportunity to find out about courses in any areas you’re interested in. 

Further advice

This video is a few years old, but the advice given still applies to anyone trying to decide what course to do at uni right now. It’s definitely worth a watch.

WhatUni also pretty much sums everything up in this article. Have a read. There’s some really great advice here, so we’re not going to rehash it.

If you’re still not 100% sure, we’ve included some links to careers quizzes in the box to the right. The UCAS Buzz quiz is pretty good – give it a try!

Tasks for this week

  • Think about the things you like doing, the areas you're interested in, and the lifestyle you want to lead. For further advice, see week 2.
  • Watch the video. 
  • Have a go at the quizzes - you never know, they might throw out something you hadn't even thought of!