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3D modelling workshop

About the 3D modelling workshop

The 3D modelling workshop is a dedicated facility for fabricating three- and two-dimensional superficial and prototype models. The workshop is used by students for project proposals and creating designs , making tangible, realistic representations from given materials, typically plastics and timber, and surface finishing to high standards. 

Examples of student modelled work include:

  • Product design: MP3 player, espresso maker, commode, car.
  • Art and graphic design: etched imagery, letter shapes.
  • Fashion design: various materials patterns, etched earrings.
  • Marine craft: plywood boat hulls.
  • Animation and special effects: animated figures, scaled set pieces.

These material forms are achieved by the appropriate choice and student preferred method from a range of automated and manual machinery and portable power and hand tools, according to user requirement and craft level of development, assisted by instruction.


  • ILS12 100 watt large format laser cutter
  • Formech vacuum former
  • Varied plastics thermoforming workstations
  • Broad-ranging plastics, timber cutting and abrading machinery
  • Model engineering mill and drilling
  • Dedicated paint fume extraction unit
  • Modelmaking bench workstations
  • Dedicated power and hand-tool equipment resource

Courses that use the workshop

  • BA (Hons) CGI and Visual Effects
  • BA (Hons) Prosthetics and Special Effects Design