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About this facility

The Solent composites lab is designed to handle all of the processes commonly seen in composite construction, from hand- and vacuum-assisted laminating to pre-impregnated fibre construction and resin infusion. We also undertake the construction of prototype models, towing tank models, display models and tooling, offering a turnkey solution to model evaluation and a cradle-to-grave approach to creating a prototype or product. 

Equipped to handle polyester and epoxy resin in any combination of FRP materials, including glass, carbon and aramid fibre, the composites lab has a well-established reputation in the area of marine construction and repair. 

Organisations from a range of industries are beginning to explore the possibilities of using composite construction, and Solent University can provide the specialist facilities and knowledge you require. Past commissions have involved building towing tank models, test panels, surfboards, repair and improvement for sailing and rowing craft, parts for kit cars, and a range of other bespoke components.