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Applied mechanics laboratory

About the applied mechanics laboratory

The applied mechanics laboratory is used for both undergraduate and postgraduate teaching. Students have the opportunity to use experimental apparatus and compare results against that of accepted theory, developing and enhancing their knowledge of important scientific concepts. 

The lab is equipped to perform a diverse range of experiments including photo stress analysis. Various applications of strain gauges such as diaphragm, thick/ thin cylinders, combined bending & torsion, single/ multi plane balancing exercises can also be conducted. These are very useful for the understanding of vector diagrams.

The facility incorporates many wall mounted experiments and beam bending rigs which are strategically placed around the perimeter of the laboratory. These experiments include the energy of a flywheel, friction clutch, cantilever and the rubber block apparatus.


  • Norwood dynamic balancing rig: Norwood Instruments Ltd
  • Faraday's Law of Induction: PASCO Scientific
  • P2799 centripetal force apparatus: Cussons Technology Ltd
  • Photo stress analysis: Vishay Micro-Measurements
  • Driven damped harmoni oscillations EX-9906: PASCO Scientific
  • Coulomb balance, model ES-9070: PASCO Scientific
  • Faraday Ice Pail, model ES-9042A: PASCO Scientific
  • HSM31 torsion testing machine (30Nm): PA Hilton
  • P5377 Mk2 electrical gyroscope: Cussons Technology Ltd
  • P1906 linear vibration apparatus: Cussons Technology Ltd
  • Diffusion cloud chamber: Physics Enterprises
  • Introductory mechanics systems, model ME-9299A: PASCO Scientific
  • Haake falling ball viscometer type C: Thermo Fisher Scientific
  • SM1008 diaphragm: TecQuipment Ltd
  • SM1011 thick cylinder: TecQuipment Ltd
  • SM1007 thin cylinder: TecQuipment Ltd
  • P3 strain indicator and recorder: Vishay Micro-Measurements
  • P1206 rubber block apparatus: Cussons Technology Ltd
  • HTM2 wheel and differential axel apparatus: PA Hilton
  • HFN9 friction of belts apparatus: PA Hilton
  • HTM2 clutch plate apparatus: PA Hilton
  • HFC13 rolling disc on inclined plane: PA Hilton

Courses that use this facility

  • HNC Engineering
  • BEng (Hons) Electronic Engineering